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Rachel Blair 2B2

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Rachel Blair 2B2

Foundation Drive competetors extras Results Core Stagecoach Theatre Arts was founded in 1988 by Stephanie Manuel and David Sprigg and now operates the largest network of part-time performing arts schools in the world, for young people aged between 4 and 18, with 40,000 students world-wide. y 1993 Steph and David were managing 24 schools, from a small office in East Molesey. With the administrative burden becoming so great, they turned to franchising. The franchising concept went so well that in 2001, they floated the company on the Alternative Investment Market, raising almost £3 million to expand the business. Richard Dawson joined the Board to head up the flotation and help with the expansion of the UK schools network. Manzoor Ishani, who had been advisor to the company on franchising, joined the Board the following year as its Franchise Development Director. stagecoach has been running for 25 years and continues to be the most successful children's performing arts schools network in the world. With over 40,000 students, we have 700 schools worldwide - and it's a total that keeps on growing! stage couch is a franchise, wich means if you have a big enough space if you gor permision you could open one up ! And stagecoach is a service. Stagecoach`s major competitors are another preforming arts school called firefly they are located in Livingston at the howden park center, they aren't as experienced as stage couch but they are good for local areas and they out on great productions. another great one is razzamatazz they are located all around Scotland and they are pretty big, but doing some research there are meny competitors but stage couch is one of the best . if you are in to singing danceing and theater stagcouch is or talented children and young adults who want to develop their skills, or those who are just shy and looking to gain in confidence, Stagecoach offers a safe, friendly and fun environment to learn and explore the performing arts, from musical theatre classes and singing lessons to dance workshops and much more.
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