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Copy of Technology Abuse & Cyber Bullying

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Kelly Gerlach

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Technology Abuse & Cyber Bullying

Social Media, CyberBullying & Internet Safety
with Kelly Gerlach from Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center

Social Media
Social media is user generated content that promotes engagement, sharing, and collaboration. It includes a wide range of websites and applications that can be accessible from computers, smart phones, and tablets. (NNEDV)

Social Media Usage
What are the differences between
social media platforms?
Image from the Hoot Suite blog .
92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online “almost constantly,”
Teens are defined as 13-17 in this study* (PEW Research Center)
What is cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is bullying
that takes place using electronic

It doesn't have to be just through social media... but often is.

Social Media
Text messages

What's Different About
It can feel like it's all around us - unavoidable.

There are not necessarily physical injuries or in-person witnesses.

Negative comments and images can be distributed very quickly to large groups.

Negative comments absolutely impact us emotionally, but don't leave the same sort of trail and evidence.

It can be anonymous.

After an image, post, or text has been made, it's VERY hard to delete.
How does cyberbullying
impact people?
Images and comments posted online can make it harder to find jobs, access scholarships, or have relationships / friendships.
This is not just a "teen" issue.

In 2013:
19.5% of Alaskan highschool girls & 10.1% of Alaskan hs boys were electronically bullied
(including being bullied through e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, websites, or texting during the 12 months before the survey)
*YRBS Survey

Nationally -- 15% of 9-12 graders in the past year (YRBS)

how common is cyberbullying?
Low self-esteem
Substance Abuse
Lower Grades
Health Problems
Mental Health Issues
What is your Online Persona?
Are you the "same" online and in "real life?"
Do you post the happy moments of your life? The sad ones?
Do your parents or teachers
define "privacy" different than you do?
Has this definition changed over time?
What would your teachers / parents / boss think of your Facebook page?
Your Instagram?
Your Snapchat?

Why do you use social media?

What do you like about it?

It's NOT your fault.

Don't respond or retaliate.

Save the evidence. SCREEN SHOTS.

Protect your accounts/passwords.

Report online abuse
IF it feels safe, tell the person to stop.

Tell an adult!
Not just for mean comments, but

Even if your profile is "friends only"
nothing online is truly private.

If you engage in an online debate,
will it change the other person's view?

How can you be an online advocate?
How to Make an Online Report?
Every social media site is different & defines abusive content as different.

Context is important. Inside jokes, might not be seen as abusive.


•Pages that identify and shame private individuals,
•Images altered to degrade private individuals,
•Photos or videos of physical bullying posted to shame the victim,
•Sharing personal information to blackmail or harass people, and
•Repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted friend requests or messages.

Unfriend a person.
Block a person.
Report a post.
Untag yourself / delete from timeline.

Is it against School rules?
That's Not Cool --
Love Is Respect -
Stop Bullying -
What about Digital Abuse?
Digital dating abuse is defined by the National Teen Dating Violence Hotline as "the use of technologies such as texting and social networking to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner."
Signs of Digital Abuse

Controlling who you are friends with online.
Keeping constant tabs on you through text / online.
Sending threatening messages.
Posting negative things about you online.
Pressures you to send explicit photos/video.
Steals passwords or pressures you to give them.
Texts or phone calls happen frequently and you start to feel scared about what will happen if you don't respond.
Facebook --
Advocates for Victims of Violence or 1-907-835-2999
Recent Headlines
Teen complained about his "$%*%$#@" job
Nanny tweeted about "bratty kids"
Is not: anonymous Is now: unemployed
Teen posted smiling face selfie at Auschwitz
-"So what's the problem?"
Hire this Girl?
Life Changer
why does it matter?
It matters to future employers and college recruiters
To future boyfriends and girlfriends
To future husbands and wives
It may matter in court
Your online image matters!
Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center 822-3733
What About this one?
thank you!
We would love your feedback!
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