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Demi Lovato: "Stay Strong"

No description

Rachel-Ann Bailon

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Demi Lovato: "Stay Strong"

From a young age, Demi has struggled with depression
She based her identity off of other people's negative comments
She identified herself as an overweight girl who will never be good enough
To punish herself for this, she began to refrain from eating, purge, self-medicate and self mutilate
Form of Human Expression: Music
As a singer/song writer, Demi uses music to express herself
Her songs portray the internal and external struggles she is faced with (Ex. Believe in Me, Skyscraper, Fix a Heart, Warrior etc.)
The lyrics she writes are genuine and full of strength and self-empowerment
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Demi Lovato: "Stay Strong"
Demetria "Demi" Lovato
Born on August 20, 1992
Started acting career at the early age of 10(Barney & Friends, Camp Rock, Sonny with a Chance etc.)
Released first album(Don't Forget) in 2008 and her second(Here We Go Again) in 2009
Was admitted into a rehabilitation center in 2010 for the treatment of Bulimia, self-mutilation and self-medication
in 2011 released album(Unbroken)
In 2012, became an Anti-bullying ambassador and judge on the TV show of X Factor
Barney & Friends
Camp Rock
Don't Forget
Sonny w/a Chance
Here We Go Again
In May of this year released most recent album(Demi)
Ambassador for Anti-Bullying
Videos and Lyrics
Believe in Me(Don't Forget)
"Cause everyone is perfect in unusual ways...so you see I just want to believe in me"
"Go on and try to tear me down...I will be rising from the ground...like a skyscraper"
Fix a Heart(Unbroken)
"You can't bandage the damage...you never really can fix a heart"
"I'm a warrior and you can never hurt me again"
Taking a Stand and
It was because of family concern that she was admitted to a rehab center where she resided for 4 months
Even after rehab and to this day, Demi admits to still struggle with these issues, but she sees it as a battle she must fight for the rest of her life
To remind herself to keep fighting, she had the words "Stay Strong" tattooed on her wrists in place of the scars
Inspiring Others
Despite fear of the opinions of others, Demi has openly spoken in interviews and documentaries about the problems she has faced in hopes to inspire others
She was able to take her negative situation and turn it into a positive
Through her music and her story, she has become one of the most influential and inspiring role models for teenage girls
Her zero tolerance for bullying in any form has made her an official Anti-Bullying Ambassador
She now speaks against bullying in schools and other venues
How Demi has inspired me:
Demi has inspired me to not base my own idea of myself on the opinion and expectations of others and to be proud of the 'flaws' that make me who I am.
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