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Priority Standard 8 - Health

No description

Jill Mohler

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Priority Standard 8 - Health

Health Priority Standard 8
Identify and recognize ways to maintain sexual health and hygiene throughout life. (reproductive health, risky behaviors, puberty)
Changes in girls
Changes in Boys
shower daily
*wash face and hair
*brush teeth and hair
*use deodorant after shower
*wear clean underwear
* wash clothing

Puberty - what is it?
noun: puberty

the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.

the age at which puberty occurs is typically between :

13 - 16 in boys

11 - 14 in girls
* grow hair on face, legs, armpits and pubic area
* feet, hands and body grow larger
* gains weight and muscles become more developed.
* voice deepens
*interest in girls
* erection will occur and semen is produced
*perspire with odor

develops breasts
* begins menstrual cycle
oily skin and hair / Acne
*grow hair on legs, armpits and pubic area
* hips widen as fat gathers on hips and thighs
* attraction and interest in opposite sex - boy crazy !
* hormones released causing emotions to fluxuate - Drama !
Feel clean and fresh !
Reproductive system

Girls Anatomy
Boys Anatomy
The OVARIES are two small organs. Before puberty, it’s as if the ovaries are asleep. During puberty, they “wake up.” At the beginning of menstration the ovaries produce an egg each month

These released eggs pass through the FALLOPIAN TUBES.

The UTERUS is where the baby will develop if the egg is fertilized by sperm of a male.

If the egg is not fertilized it will be released during your menstural cycle

The VAGINA, or birth canal, is where the baby will exit the woman's body

The testicles, or TESTES are the reproductive gland in the boy that produces sperm

The testes are enclosed in a pouch called the SCROTUM.

The PENIS is a tubular shaped organ which semen and urine leave the body

SPERM / SEMEN contains the male reproductive cell that can fertilize the egg of a woman
Your assessment will be tomorrow !

Hang on to your notes for the test.

What questions do you have?
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