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YG Entertainment '' YG FAMILY''

Know about YG ENTERTAINMENT by watching my prezi :)

Sveinbjorg Dione

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of YG Entertainment '' YG FAMILY''


Lee Ha Yi born September 23, 1996.
Also known by her stage name
Lee Hi, is a South Korean singer.
She is known as the runner-up of SBS's K-pop Star Season 1.
Akdong Musician
South Korean duo, consisting of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun.
They are known as the winners of the second installment of the K-pop Star series.
Epik High
Epik High is a South Korean alternative hip-hop group from Seoul, composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz.
The group is known for combining different styles of hip hop, along with different musical genres and collaborations on each album.
Winner is a South Korean male group formed in 2013. The group consists of 5 members namely
Kang Seung-yoon,
Song Minho,
Nam Taehyun,
Kim Jinwoo and
Lee Seung Hoon.
They were first introduced in the reality-survival program called Who is Next: WIN where two teams (Team A & Team B) of trainees within YG Entertainment competed against each other in order to debut as the "new boy idol group" in 8 years since Big Bang.
At the conclusion of the program the title of WINNER was given to Team A who won three rounds of the public voting.
Park Jae-sang (born December 31, 1977), better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality. Psy is known domestically for his humorous videos and stage performances, and internationally for his hit single "Gangnam Style."
On December 21, 2012, his music video for "Gangnam Style" exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first and currently only video to do so in the website's history.
Psy was subsequently recognized by the media as the "King of YouTube".
Psy's rise from little-known outside of South Korea to "global superstar", and, for being first in the YouTube-era to secure a place in pop-culture history, hailed the singer as the "Viral Star of 2012".
Lee Chan-hyuk Born on September 12, 1996 (age 17) and his younger sister, Lee Soo-hyun Born on May 4, 1999 (age 14)
kpop star season 2

YG Entertainment is a record label and talent agency founded by Yang Hyun-suk based in Seoul, South Korea. It produces and markets music recording/publishing, record manufacturing/sales, artist management, concert production, and new artist discovering/training.
Founder of YG and director Yang Hyun-suk.
Once the home of hip-hop groups Jinusean and 1TYM, its current roster of recording artists are known to be some of the biggest K-pop acts internationally.
Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi, and PSY
have proved to be the front runners.
Here's a picture of Yang Hyun-suk
Today, YG Entertainment is known as one of the "big three" record companies in South Korea,
along with S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment,
for their large market share.
Official contents by YG Entertainment and its artists have cumulatively garnered more than 4 billion views and are subscribed by more than 10 million users on YouTube, making them the most viewed and most subscribed artists and entertainment agency in Asia-Pacific.
Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P)
Jung Hye Young
Kang Daesung (Daesung)
Kang Seung-yoon
Ku Hye-sun
Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri)
Sandara Park (Dara)
Yang Hyun Mo
Yang Kyung Mo
Yoo In-na
Seungri (Big Bang)
Taebin (1TYM)
Taeyang (Big Bang)
G-Dragon (Big Bang)
G-Dragon&Taeyang a.k.a GDYB (Big Bang)
GD & TOP (Big Bang)
Tablo (Epik High)
Daesung (Big Bang)
TOP (Big Bang)
Park Bom (2NE1)
CL (2NE1)
Dara (2NE1)
CL&Minzy (2NE1)
Kang Seung-yoon (Winner)
Jennie Kim (PINKPUNK)
Ji Soo & Mi Yeon (PINKPUNK)
Baekkyoung (1TYM)
Choi Pil Kang[15][16]
DJ Murf
Teddy (1TYM)
G-Dragon (Big Bang)
Taeyang (Big Bang)
T.O.P (Big Bang)
Lydia Paek
Masta Wu
Mithra Jin (Epik High)
Yang Hyun Suk
Kim Woo Geun (Moo Ga Dang)
Rovin Ray
Seungri (Big Bang)
Sunwoo Jungah
Jang Suk Joon
Ham Seung Chun
Lee Yong Hyun
Kang Seung-yoon (Winner)
Song Minho (Winner)
Nam Taehyun (Winner)
B.I (Team B from WIN)
Bobby (Team B from WIN)
Akdong Musician
Tablo (Epik High)
DJ Tukutz (Epik High)
Kang Uk-jin
HI-TECH Dance Team (Male)
Lee Jae Wook (YG Resident Choreographer)
Kwon Young Deuk
Kwon Young Don
Park Jung Heon
Kim Byung Gon
Im Se Min
Jo Sung Min
Kwon Cheol Jun
Song Won Ki
Yoo Choung Jae
Kim Hee Yun (only female)
Heo Jun Seon
CRAZY Dance Team (Female)
Kim Ji Hye
Yun Hee Jin
Bok Mi Ra
Kim Ji Hyangn
Kim Ga Hee
Lee Un Hyung
Kim Hee Jung
Won A Yeon
Kim Min Jung
Kim Joon
Park Eun Young
Oh Hye Ryeon
Kim Bo Kyung
Choi Sae Bom
Jin Min Yung
After School's Graduate Leader and member Kahi and TWO X's maknae Eunyoung are both former members of CRAZY before they made their singing debuts.
Before they had been in
Woollim Entertainment
that's why they trained
(kpop group) witch are a big hit now. And now Epik High are in YG Entertainment because of their talents.
Don't Hate Me M/V
Live performance of them singing 'SMILE AGAIN'
This song was composed by them selves
Big Bang
South Korean male group.
Formed in 2006, the group consists of G-Dragon (GD), T.O.P (Top) , Taeyang (SOL), Daesung (D-lite), and Seungri ( V.I ). Big Bang is known for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style. The members' involvement in composing and producing their own music, most notably leader G-Dragon, has earned the group respect and praise from music industry experts.
Going trough a hard training for six years to gain perfection, turning to a trainee into the singers, composers, actors... and so go on.
Bigbang are truly one of the best out there and something you must respect, is their love for music.

2NE1 is a four-member South Korean girl group formed in 2009. The name, pronounced to anyone or twenty one, combines the phrases "21st century" and "new evolution.
The band consists of CL, Minzy, SanDara, and Park Bom.
( fun too watch )

: In the YG are many talented people as you can see here, and there is accually even more people that are not even here.
YG Family
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