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Oil (Pure Substance and Mixture)

No description

Sasha B.

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Oil (Pure Substance and Mixture)

Pure Substances and Mixtures Petroleum Advantages Disadvantages Bibliography By: Katie and Sasha Petroleum Usage and Disposal WIKIPEDIA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum
PETROLEUM FOUNDATION http://www.petroleum.co.uk
YAHOO http://voices.yahoo.com/the-advantages-disadvantages-petrol-diesel-2087944.html Introduction: Petroleum has been used in many different ways for a long time. This substance is classified as a mixture and is a non-renewable energy source. Along with oil and coal, it is also categorized as a fossil fuel. Petroleum is highly flammable and it's formed by hydrocarbons (a compound made of carbon and hydrogen) with the addition of certain other substances, more specifically, sulphur. Also, you can crush zooplankton and algae to make petroleum/gasoline. There are three main usages of petroleum:
-exportation Relatively concentrated and you can travel hundreds of km with one full tank of petrol

It is highly available

It is fairly cheap

It is not difficult to make - it just has to be distilled and no waste is produced

It is easy to carry around

It is fairly safe to store The supply of petrol is decreasing and we will one day run out of it

Because of the high demand and decreasing supply, the price of petrol is increasing.

It greatly affects the environment as carbon is produced when petrol is burned.

Petrol can be much better used to create other products like plastics and chemicals.

Wars and international disputes have formed from petrol. Negative Impacts on the Enviroment The use of petroleum can have a
negative impact on the enviroment,
releasing greenhouse gases into the
air and damaging ecosystems. Some examples of negative enviroment impacts: -oil spills
-greenhouse gases (global warming)
-fires, explosions
-pollution (air, water, land) Positive Impacts on the Enviroment -transportation (cars, trains, buses, airplanes, motorcycles)
-money (petroleum is exported to other countries) Percentage of Petroleum in Each Country Petroleum cannot be disposed of, it can be recycled. It can be recycled and refined over and over again, and can still maintain its quality. Petroleum can also be recycled into different products. For example, used petroleum can be transformed to a plastic bag. DISPOSE OF OIL http://greenliving.about.com/od/recyclingwaste/a/Dispose-Of-Oil.htm One of the positive impacts are the money. Thanks for watching :)
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