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nuskin new starters

ben yim

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of NDO

Nu Skin Then...

Nu Skin International, Inc.Founded: 1984

Initial Investment: $5,000

Operate Debt-free Now...
Operations in 53 Countries


$200 Million in Cash

Over $1.0 Billion in Assets

2012 Annual Sales $2.17 Billion

Commission Payout: $900 Million
~45% of earnings Nu Skin is the “Apple” of the
anti-aging companies.
July 26, 2011 Forbes.com
named Nu Skin
“100 most
trustworthy companies” Nu Skin has been named to the Investor’s Business Daily’s

(IBD) Best of 2011, the list with an annual stock price increase of more than 60 percent. Nu Skin a list of the
top 100 companies of 2011 Nu Skin was one of the 10 fastest growing companies. NU SKIN ONE OF
“WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING PUBLIC COMPANIES” Inside Out The Next Wave Nu Skin Nu skin R & D provides distributors a residual income for the past 30 years. NOX Technologies Inc Over 30 years to find YGC
Over 18 patents
Monopolized the industry Over 100 Full Time scientist
Over 30 University Partnership Culture

We give back once we start. Pics of sign up PC and D
ADR how to buy
how to change date, product, override
how to cancel ADR
buy 3 and get 1 free pics of the 3 + 200PV What is the Plan? LOI


Q2 Buy 3 Get 1 Free Next Step Join the Ruby Training Lets Get Started! How to help others Sign Up PC or Distributor PC Choose Your Passion LOI Q1 Q2

PV100 100 100

GV1000 1500 2000 How do I Become Executive? Buy 3 Get 1 Free ADR Editing Call: 1-800-487-1000
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