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The Art Of Living


Helen Molloy

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of The Art Of Living

Steps to success....
By Helen and Sophia
Our chosen path :
The Art

Art Of Living
The Home
Living room
Shop Owner
Well being
Floral Arangement
Interior Decoration
The outcome of our train of thought
1. We decided to use 'The Home' as our main idea
2. And make someones living space better
STEP 3 :
We chose the bedroom because we spend
a lot of time there.
A bedroom says a lot of things about the person who lives in it.
For example: if your bedroom is messy then it shows that may be a disorganised person and it can be reflected in your work.
Step 4:
We chose Helen's bedroom because she
has to share her bedroom with her two sisters, so it has to accommodate everybody's needs.
Plan of Bedroom at the start:
Helen's House
Gathering First impressions and evidence of prodject
We went and visited the room together to take pictures and see how it could be improved.
These are my sisters who I share a room with:
Lucy is...
likes collecting things
Loves Crafts-
Likes doing graffiti on everything
leaves her stuff everywhere
Requires lots of boxes to put things in
Shells, Stones, Beads, Money, Barbies
Looks after her Dolls and other toys
Plays lots of practical jokes on people,jumps out at you
Stays in the room a lot of the time
Loves Drawing + Knitting
Has a big bag full of wool and displays her pictures+drawings everywhere
Catherine is...
Perhaps she needs something doing for her, rather than her doing more things for other people.
but sometimes struggles to find a place to put her clothes, paintbox and slippers.
With these things all
put together, we managed
to come up with several
good ideas to improve the
bedroom by.
To decide what we were going to improve we had to look at the needs and personalities of all the people in the room.
To develop these ideas to the room, we had to go and look at it with a critical eye to get a better impression.
Our Ideas for the room
Idea 5:
Idea 4:
Idea 3:
Idea 2:
Idea 1:
Rearrange the furniture a bit.
There isn't much floor space, so it would make sense to create some more.
Also, the desk is hard to access because there is only a small space between the chest of draws and the bunk bed, and there is not much light from the window to see by as it is blocked by the bed.

solve this problem and improve the living space we swapped the bunk bed and the desk around so that the desk is
A. Easier to get to.
B. Has more light from the big window to see what you are doing by.
Make a bin
A lot of the time we can't be bothered to go all the way down stairs to the kitchen, it's too much of a 'trek', so more often than not, especially in Lucy's case it tends to end up on the floor.
So as we don't make the place look like a dump and so that we have more floor space we decided to make a bin.
Slipper Pockets
Night lights
Idea 6:
Idea 7:
Cushions and laundry bag
Idea 8:
Memo board and memory line.
We have a cubby hole for our slippers usually, and it keeps them out of the way, but unfortunately it looks messy, and the slippers are quite hard to get to.
Also, if we keep the slippers somewhere else, the cubby hole can be used for other things, such as school books and Catherine's knitting and crchet wools.
To solve this problem we came up with the idea to
make slipper pockets to hang on the inside of the door or on the wardrobe.
There is a small window, about 1/4 of a meter across behind the bunk bed that only has a net curtain covering it.
This window is fine during the day, but at night it lets in a lot of light and it is difficult to go to sleep, as sometimes next door has a light on.
We put in a curtain so there is less light in during the night but you can open it to get a bit of sunlight during the day.
At night, we all prefer to sleep in different conditions.
I find it easier to sleep in the pitch black, whereas Catherine likes to sleep with the light on, rather a problem as we share the same room, Lucy can fall asleep in any conditions however and you often find her spread fast asleep on the floor in the morning.
Its alright for Lucy but me and Catherine often find it hard to agree on this point.
However, me and Sophia managed to find a way around this problem and came up with this.
Fairy Lights
You always need somewhere to hang your stuff, whether its your coat, school uniform or wet suit, you can never just leave it in the middle of the floor, apart from the fact that it looks messy, as we said in step 3, how your room looks, often reflects the way you act, and if you get into the habit of not bothering to hang your coat up then, maybe you will get into the habit of not bothering to do your homework, or not bothering to get out of bed till 11 O'clock in the morning.
By winding the fairy lights through the beams underneath the top bunk...
Catherine would then be able to switch them on at night without disturbing anyone else.
So that we didn't become like this, we decided to buy or obtain some hooks to hang up the the coats and dressing gowns out of the way. We found a space next to the wardrobe to put them.
Also, our dressing gowns and coats were normally hung on the side of the bed, but unfortunately this left very little room to squeeze through to get to the desk.
To make the room look nicer and more homely we added a few cushions.
Normally we leave our washing outside our bedroom door for days before it is taken down.
to make it easier we made a laundry bag to take downstairs every morning with the washing, its easier, looks neater and makes mum happy.
We found that apart from the wallpaper we didn't have much decoration in our room, so we tried to think of something that could be made useful and still look pretty.
We came up with french memo board and a memory line.
that occurred.
There were a number of problems that we had to get around, as there is during every project.
We didn't have much time together to do all this, due to revising for exams and family occasions.
To save time we did things at home separately towards the project.
I didn't have a very good sewing machine at home to make things like the small curtain, it was old and not only did it just do straight stitch, but it often broke.
We did all the sewing machine parts of the project at Hillcrest, and made things like the display boards and crotchet curtain ties at home.
We were working on a budget as many things we needed are quite expensive, for example the materials to make the curtains with.
We used scrap materials, went to cheap shops and recycled objects from our house and Hillcrest.
The Bin
Memo Board and Curtain ties
The Little window
The memory line
The Hooks
The Slipper pockets
Idea 9:
Curtain ties
There isn't much sunlight let into the room due to the curtains naturally hanging so that they obscure half the window.
To improve this we decided to make some crochet curtain ties to add a personalized feel to the room.
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