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Math - Averages presentation

I wanna learn how it works and how it can be used offline

magnus nilsson

on 27 January 2010

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Transcript of Math - Averages presentation

Averages Mean Median Mode Range Genomsnittet Add up all values and divide with the total number of values The middle value Arrange your data from small to big and find the
value in the middle.
Cumulative Frequency Another way of finding the middle value if you have a
lot of data. Column E is the Cumulative Frequenzy
Add up as you go down. Bring values from
ROW above. Find the middle value
In this case, 355/2 = 177,5 -> Find value 178 Median value for this
set of data is 1 (one accident) How to think?
First you type 116 "Zeros", then 113 "Ones". Counting how many values you have entered now... Is 116+113=229
REMEMBER, you're looking for value number 178.
Yes, its within the "Ones" The mode or modal value
Is the value that occurs most
often. If one or two values occurs equally often, both of them are "modes"
Is the difference between the largest value and the smallest value...
No more - no less!
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