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History of Magcon!

No description

Abbey Turner

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of History of Magcon!

History of Magcon!
How it all Started...
The "Magcon Tour" all began in September 2013. Bart Bordelon came up with the idea of Magcon. Magcon stands for, Meet and Greet Convention
What really is Magcon?
Bart came up with the idea of Magcon and all the guys are social media "stars" as Bart says.Magcon also supports an anti-bullying campaign. They support anti-bullying because some of the Magcon guys have been bullied.
This is the Magcon Family!🀍
First Magcon Tour!
Their first Magcon tour ever was held in Houston, Texas.
The Guys!
On to the best part! The actual Magcon guys! There is Shawn, Aaron, Cameron, Jack and Jack, Carter, Nash, Taylor, Matthew, and Hayes.
And here they are!
Shawn Mendes!
Shawn is a really talented singer, and now he is going on his own tour to "persue" his dream.
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron is really sweet (it seems), he is 15 years old, and he is from Louisiana.
Cameron Dallas!!!
Cameron Dallas is 19 years old, from California, loves bananas, he is really funny and sweet, and he wants to save dolphins! (not to mention the fact that he's very attractive)
Jack Gillinsky and Jack Johnson
They both sing, and they are leaving for college:(
Carter Reynolds
Carter is 17 years old, from North Carolina, and loves to scare his mom. ("CARTAH STAHP IT" - his mom)
Nash Grier!
Nash Grier is 16 years old, from North Carolina, famous for vine, and his eyes are just plain awesome!
Taylor Caniff
Taylor is 18 years old, from Indiana,and wears bandanas, capris, and vans.
What did I tell you about what he wears??
Matthew Espinosa!
Matthew is 16, from Virginia, born in July, he is famous for vine and youtube, he can probably brighten anyone's day by his humor! :D
Last, but not least... HAYES!
Hayes Grier is 13 years old, Nash Grier's brother, from North Carolina, and is adorable!
When it began
Magcon began in September of 2013
First Tour

The first Magcon tour was on October 1, 2013
Magcon Ends :(
The very last Magcon tour was on April 26,2014
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