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Sesame Street's Impact

No description

Hannah R. Sawyers

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Sesame Street's Impact

Social Skills
Death (1983) Mr. Hooper Dies
Tested prior to broadcast with 31 3, 4, 5 year old day care children
Their research showed that children understood the key messages
Sesame Street Research (1983)- Study on Show #1839 Unpublished Report
Cognitive Impact
Applications of Psychology to Television Programming:
Program Exwcution
Edward L. Palmer
Pop Culture
The Impact
Sesame Street
The Impact of Sesame Street on Preschool Children: A Review and Synthesis of 30 Years' of Research
Children's Television Network
Broad Impact
Children were more cooperative
Reduction in aggressive behavior
Understanding of application to real-life situations
Teacher's found viewers to be well-adjusted for school than non-viewers
Those who watched in preschool years 5 days a week translated to a grade difference of .35 in boys and .1 for girls in GPA.
Snuffy and Alice's Parents divorce
Show was written and fully produced
Never aired because of the negative effects
Children did not understand that the parents still loved Snuffy and Alice
Also did not understand they would still see their father
Sesame Street Research (1992) Findings of show #2895, divorce show
Race Relations
Children tested wanted to be friends with children from other races yet believed that it would be frowned upon by their parents
After watching the Visiting Iesha segment 70% of children wanted to play with a black Barbie as seen in the video
Sesame Street Research (1991) Visiting Iesha
Love, Marriage, and Pregnancy
Two of the human characters marry and have a child over the course of two seasons.
There was research done prior, during, and after production of the show to ensure that the concepts introduced were consistent with the message and prior concepts taught on the show.
Comprehension was positive
Learned that they still loved each other even when they were angry with one another.
Sesame Street Research (1988)- Pregnancy Unpublished Report
James Earl Jones Effect
Television is a way to teach children
Previously thought inability to watch a 1 hour show is proven false
Educational Crossrods:
Madison Avenue and Sesame Street
Joan Ganz Cooney
Tickle Me
Currently listed on Amazon for $129.77 New
Sesame Street is known for guest appearance by many A-List celebrities who recognize the importance of the show.
Many times Sesame Street will spoof Pop Culture in their segments
Disconnect between the programming sponsored by companies through commercials and the educational programming that only existed on public television stations
This is an excellent way of thinking because it forces one to realize that regardless of the carrier of the information i.e. Elmo or another source greatly impacts a child’s world view.
Television is used in education today. It could always be utilized in a new and possibly better way
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