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I am the Messenger

No description

I Am The Messenger

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of I am the Messenger

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
By: Karla, Esmeralda, Stephanie, Alicia, Alec, Jose and Fernando
Throughout the book, "I am the messenger" Markus Zusak uses the cards to symbolize themes. For example, he uses the ace of cards to symbolize hope. The ace of hearts symbolizes hope because he helped his friends and different people in many ways. Also the doorman symbolizes a companionship because he was always there and listened to him when he was in good and bad situations.

Ed Kennedy:
main character of the story, is described in the beginning as a loser that has nothing to do but later on he boosted up his self esteem and learns important lessons at the end that changes his whole personality.
Author's Tone
The Theme of "I am the messenger", is not only one theme, but contains several themes.
One theme of the story is that "Doing a little, does a lot", meaning that Ed had helped out those people in his community, and made the world more better.

Zusak uses diction/language to express his feelings. Such as the five senses. On page 89, he describes the gun in his hand. He talks about how it feels.

Zusak also uses language/diction to get the point across the readers mind.

Lastly Zusak uses language/diction to illustrate imagery in the readers mind.
The author's purpose of writing this novel is to demonstrate that everyone has the ability to accomplish something despite their lack of self-confidence. Markus Zusak wrote this novel in order to send out a message: "Everyone can live beyond what they're capable of"
In the book, "I am the messenger" Ed's attitude changes from an insecure loner to a self-confident man. This was the result of being able to believe in himself and going beyond what he thought he was capable of.
Literary Elements
is the girl ed is in love with in the story but to her in the beginning he is just a friend . she is the type of girl to sleep with one guy and then another and never love or get attach.
The Doorman:
is ed's lazy dog that usually sits by the door doing nothing, but the doorman is the one ed decides to always share his problems and feelings with even if he is just a dog so in a way to ed is the doorman is his best friend.
no motivation. Lives with his mom and dad. No job.

Ed's friend who ed has know for a long time. In the story he has all the money but still lives with his parents. Later on he discovers he has a daughter with his run away lover.
Playing cards and card games is one theme that is very important in this novel. This novel starts with the bank robbery and then Ed talks about the thing that he likes the most; playing cards. There are five sections. Each of the first four sections corresponds to one of the four suits of cards: diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts. The fifth section of the novel represents the jokers in a deck of cards. At the front of each card there's names of poets, authors or addresses. The names signify the task that Ed has to do.
By: Markus Zusak

In the beginning of I am the messenger Ed Kennedy was dull because in life he was nothing, but towards the end after completing all 4 task he broke out of his shell and was happier and the tone was positive.
And he finally had something to be proud of for his parents.
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