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water polutants

BY Hayden Tyler

Gene Monahan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of water polutants

Some things that can harm our waters are chemicals. They can come from factory's stores any other places. Chemicals can make water toxic and may be deadly to us.
Yes i said dirt. Dirt can come from run off water dirt can contain fertilizers that can harm water. Dirt can build up and Carry harmful things with it.
Yes not all of pollution is down by natural causes. People like me and you are polluting. How we are just throwing trash in streams lakes oceans and other body's of water.
Bacteria can grow on plants which can be taken from land by run off water and into our streams and other body's of water.
Thank you!
What things can harm the water that we use?
How can we help?
If you want to drink dirty water that's fine but if you don't then here are some ways that you can stop polluting.
This is what will happen.
Why is it so serious?
This trash and Bactria and other things are in the water right. so this water is some of the water that WE DRINK. i know its gross.
Water Pollutants
Some of these chemicals are
fluoride, mercury, pcb's,
chlorine, lead, and arsenic.
1. Stop throwing trash into streams.
2. Don't use fertilizers.
3. If you own a factory don't dump waste into lakes.
4. Do clean ups in body's of water near you.
and 5. Recycle so that trash does not blow away into streams.
And stop polluting!
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