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Phrasal Verb

No description

Aldrin Malaki

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Phrasal Verb

To be flexible. To make adjustments to someone's schedule or needs.
Means that you find a way of organizing an activity avoiding any problems.
Work for
To put effort
into something.
Work in
Work at
To put a lot of effort into something. To pay attention
Means to continue working hard at something for a long time.
Phrasal Verb
"We can't change it. We'll just have to work around it."
"When I got back to the office, he was still working at his report."
Work On
Work up
Work out
Work Out
To work or to solve a problem, especially in cooperation with someone else.
Robert and Rose are seeing a marriage counselor to try to work out their marital problem.
Also means to do physical or
to improve your fitness.
He runs at the weekend and works out twice a week in the gym
To focus on something
to do something attentively.
This medicine doesn't work on me.
To arouse the emotions of someone or something; excite someone or something.
The skillful politician worked up the crowd.
Work around

In the present today economy, you
really have to work for the job you want
to become successful.
Work for
To be employed
by a person
or company.

What company do you work for?
To fit into a
schedule, especially
a busy schedule.

Yes, Mr. Schmitz, it looks like we can
work you in at 1:30 today for an
Work in
To add or introduce,
especially a topic

I wanted to talk about the money Dan
owed me, but I couldn’t work it into
the conversation.
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