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An Introduction in Numbers

No description

Kathleen Wagner

on 4 June 2016

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Transcript of An Introduction in Numbers

An Introduction in Numbers
by Kathleen Wagner, PhD

2 - number of children my husband,
and I have: Hannah and Grant

3 - the number of letters in OCD, for which I am well acquainted; organizing is a hobby (sick, huh?)

4 - number of wheels on a roller skate, one of my favorite activities; skating was part of my childhood growing up in California

4 - number of current seasons of my
favorite show: Downton Abbey

7 - the number of bumper stickers I have on my car: Snoopy, In-N-Out Burger, Life is good (2), Texas Tech, Apple, and ENMU

13 - the number of different courses I have taught at ENMU over the past 15 years

15 - the number of Keen sandals I have

8 - the time of morning I enjoy sitting on the front porch, drinking a caramel latte, and listening to birds sing in the spring and summer

9 - the number of innings typically played during my favorite sport: baseball
26 - the number of years I have been married

237 - the number of pages of my dissertation

6 - the number of seats around our fire pit at our home
75+ - the number of classrooms in the public schools, K-12, I have had the privilege to observe

113 - the number of trees we have around our house on our 5 acres
I want to welcome everyone to EDF 538! The success of our class depends on YOU! Discussions come alive when you write with passion and courtesy. Assignments, readings, and viewings become effective learning experiences when dedication is shown. Commitment is critical, and professionalism is expected. Your current or future students deserve your best.
Happy learning!

Dr. Wagner
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