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Kurt Cobain

No description

AJ Minetti

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Kurt Cobain

During Kurt's adolescent years, he began to develop in both beneficial and harmful ways. When Kurt was in 7th grade, he had maintained a high status in the school with his exterior looks. This is where he began to express himself in both art and music. He played in the school band as a drummer where he was held in high regard. In class, his doodles became popular. Everyone commented on his artwork even though it was made up of many inappropriate subjects. At home, things were very different. He felt as if both of his birth parents cheated him and did not care for him. At his dads, his step-mother's children were treated better than him, or so Kurt claims. This separation of family caused Kurt to turn dark and become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Throughout high school, Kurt felt very depressed and lonely most of the time, at home and at school. These feelings would plague him for the rest of his short life. These also provided themes for his songs.
In late 1988, the band went into the studio to record their first album after the success of their "Love Buzz" single. Since the band did not have other jobs, they had plenty of time to write the songs for the album. During their time recording, they played about 10 songs for the album. Since the bass was tuned differently it gave the album a raw, heavier sound which they kept. The album was done around Christmas so they took brakes between sessions to celebrate Christmas with the family. The album was finished around early January and later received some college radio air-play which gave the band a little more popularity than provided with the "Love Buzz" single. This gave the band a boost in concert attendance. What also helped was the fact that British critics had written reviews that many Englishmen read which gave them a known fan base in Europe. With this they went on tour in Europe where the concerts were larger and had larger pay, but not enough to go past spending on items such as gasoline for their van and food. With their release of their first album, the band final got more publicity and money. The name of the album itself was supposed to be called "Too Many Humans" but was later changed to "Bleach" when Kurt saw it on an ad sign. This was also the last first and last album to feature Chad on drums.
February 20, 1967 - April 6, 1994
Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967 in Aberdeen Washington on a rather rainy day. Throughout his early life he would spend his life in Aberdeen not far from the hospital where he was born at. He was the eldest of Don and Wendy Cobain's children. His sister, Kim, would be born three years later. His earliest childhood memories were fond of happy moments as the family would travel to their relative's houses and spend a weekend there. He was very outgoing as a kid and is said to have a very handsome smile. Everyone was enlightened by his blonde hair and blue eyes. His parents were, at first, living very happily and the family was full of happy moments, that is up until Kurt was 9.
When Kurt was around 9 years old, his mother, Wendy, filed for a divorce after a nasty fight between the parents. This would ultimately reroute Kurt's childhood life. After the divorce became official, Wendy got engaged to a man named Frank Franich whom Kurt strongly disliked. He went to live with his dad and they bonded as they would play baseball and many other activities together. Kurt had asked his dad to not remarry. The father agreed but it did not last as he then found a woman he liked named Jenny Westby who had to children of her own named Mindy and James whom were both younger than Kurt. At first Kurt accepted them but later turned sour when he realized his dad betrayed him. Now with both parents remarried, Kurt felt threatened. He was devoted to his original family and pleaded to have things back to normal but nothing worked. This caused Kurt to develop anxiety and isolation disorders that plagued him for the rest of his life.
Kurt decided to form his own real band in 1987
because he was inspired by a local band called "The Melvins." The first lineup consisted of Kurt on guitar and vocals; Krist Novoselic, a high school friend, on bass; and Aaron Burckhard, another friend, on drums. The played their first show at a friends house in Raymond, Washington which turned out to be a disaster but gave the band some publicity. Afterwords, the band kept changing the drummers who were recommended by Krist such as Dave Foster and the Chad Channing. Neither lasted very long. But before The band got a deal with a record label called Sub Pop, they began playing on local circuits where their concert population was low and those people did not like the band at all. Eventually they did release a single on the record label of a song called "Love Buzz" which sold out. The name of the band, Nirvana was used as the name when Kurt saw it on a poster in the street.
In early 1991, the band went on to record it's second and most famous album, Nevermind. They again laid down ten tracks with a new drummer named Dave Grohl and finished recording it around June of '91 while it began to sell around September. Many songs off the album became instant hits such as "Come As You Are," "Lithium" and the number one song of 1991, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Many of the songs off the album were inspired by Kurt's ex-girlfriend at the time, Tobi. After the album released, it quickly escalated up the "Top 200 Songs" on Billboard and the album received platinum soon after. As Nirvana went on tour, the venues were sold out and the fans just went wild at the shows. Kurt was basking in the fame. But unfortunately, this also lead to disaster as Kurt began to become more maniacal and became a user of heroin. Kurt had always complained that he had stomach issues and that prescription drugs did no use. Although warned not to, he shot it up anyways and he became addicted and would eventually change him from then on. Also as Nirvana went to tour and promote the album, he met another girl at one of his concerts: Courtney Love.
The name of the band, Nirvana, was chosen because Kurt wanted a name that sounded serene and beautiful. The name derived from Buddhism as a state of calmness or peace, opposite to the band's sound.
This album cover is a perfect example of Kurt's twisted creativity. He was known for taking many odd pieces of items and gluing them on walls such as doll heads on cardboard. Many of Kurt's ideas for his projects were mostly either gory or sexual oriented.
As mentioned before, Kurt met his true love at a bar after a gig he had just performed in. The began to flirt by having a "pretend wrestling match" and got kicked out because of it. This was the first of many confrontations Kurt would have with Courtney as they would always see each other frequently after gigs and they would always called each other ASAP. Courtney was perfect for Kurt because they grew up in the same situation and Courtney was able to express feelings for Kurt in a way no one else could. They became instantly attached to each other and would always try to be together whenever possible. Courtney even agreed to shoot heroin with Kurt even though she had previously had just gotten over it. Courtney would do many things to win over Kurt's love. Toward the end of '91, Kurt had announced that he was getting married to Love and they became engaged in December. They officially became married on February 24th, 1991 in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. But even as this happened, Kurt gave more of his attention to Love than Nirvana which caused Nirvana, and Kurt himself, to go on a downward spiral.
When Kurt was young, he was said to have remarkable blue eyes and blonde hair
When Kurt was in middle school, there would be a group of 15 kids and he would be the center of attention.
The cover of "Bleach" was a reverse negative taken by Kurt's girlfriend at the time, Tracy Marauder at one of the venues Nirvana played at before the album was put on sale.
Kurt and Courtney's wedding was ill attended and band member Kirst Novoselic was uninvited due to rumors about Kirst's girlfriend hating on Courtney. This caused the band to not see each other for four months.
On August 18, about 6 months into their marriage, Kurt and Courtney had their baby, Frances. The baby was conceived before Kurt even announced he would marry Courtney. But before the baby was born, they feared the baby would turn out to be defected due to Kurt's struggling addiction to Heroin which Kurt could not stop doing even after 3 trips to rehab. But the baby turned out opposite of Kurt's expectations, she was beautiful. But days later, tabloids began running magazines that claimed that Frances was deformed and that Kurt and Courtney were junkies. This hurt them a lot as they felt they were being judged. Unfortunately, this lead to court hearings to whether or not they should keep the baby. They were not allowed to see the baby without court supervision. This ate at the couple. Their fame lead them to being judged and judged they were. They had to find nannys to take care of the baby until Kurt was found fit to be a parent. But even so, Kurt went back onstage to perform again.
Due to fame and fortune, Kurt was not able to keep his baby until he successfully passed rehab due to the false comments made on Kurt, Courtney, and the baby from a tabloid magazine called "Vanity Fair."
Despite Kurt's home life and Heroin addiction, him and Nirvana decided to record yet another album. It was October when they began. They decided they wanted a rawer sound on the album than what was done with "Nevermind." Most of the lyrics composed on the album dealt with Kurt's family and his wife with songs such as "Heart Shaped Box," and "Serve The Servants," which was about his dad. The name "In Utero" was derived from a poem Courtney wrote. When the album first came out in September, it sold 180,000 copies in the first week which propelled it to the No. 1 spot. During this time in Kurt's life, he was struggling with severe addiction which led to him seeing many doctors and having interventions but Kurt was ignorant and too stubborn to accept his friend's pleas. Kurt became more isolated and would only ever talk to very few people. His health deteriorated rapidly. Even as Kurt went on tour for "In Utero," he was mostly high and he talked ill of his band mates. Also Kurt began to OD many times and would be rushed to the emergency room where his family soon followed. His family, friends, and the workers at the label became worried about the state Kurt was in.
This would be the last album that Nirvana would ever make. The original name for this album was supposed to be " I Hate Myself and I Want to Die'" but was renamed due to Novoselic's comment that they would get sued for it.
Kurt Donald Cobain left the Earth on April 6th, 1994. During the "In Utero," tour, Kurt became worse and worse. He would be full of hate and he made comments about breaking up Nirvana and divorcing Courtney. Many tour dates were canceled after and incident in Rome where Kurt tried to kill himself by over dosing on pills. He was immediately sent to the hospital yet again. When he was released, he was informed that he would play at Lollapalooza but Kurt disliked festivals and refused in a fit of rage. He became more isolated and stubborn that no one wanted to be around him. He canceled the festival and many other tours which then virtually ended Nirvana for good. Kurt went home and refused to talk to anyone and continued threats of suicide. No one could talk him out of it. When Krist insisted they hang out together, Kurt went with but it did not last long as Kurt became bitter with Krist and they got into a brawl at an airport. Nirvana was destroyed. Relations with Courtney also turned south. He fought with her a lot more and he locked himself in his room and threatened suicide until the police were called. Kurt became violent with everyone and hated everything. He did Heroin more than ever and made a couple more suicide attempts. Eventually he was sent to treatment and was sent to rehab once more in L.A. where he did not speak a word to anyone. treatment lasted for about a month and Kurt left the hospital and got on a plane to Washington to his house. Courtney was still in L.A. at the time and attempted to phone Kurt at the house but received no answer. When Kurt got home he bought a 20 gauge shotgun from his friend/dealer named Dylan. Kurt arrived home with everybody out as the nannys were taking their friends on a tour and Courtney was still in Los Angeles. Kurt loaded the shotgun and put it up to his mouth. This was the last thing he saw before he took his life. Kurt was discovered by an electrician and everyone was notified. No one could believe it. Why would Kurt do such a thing? Kurt left everyone grief stricken and 7,000 attended his funeral. Kurt was burned and the ashed were given to Courtney. Kurt's last moments on Earth were full of hatred and sorrow. As Kurt felt that everyone hated him, he was wrong. Many people adored him and he just ignored everyone. Kurt went out like many rockstars did, they left because they not because they became overwhelmed, but because they didn't have enough.
Kurt Cobain left a legacy in the world. He gave us a new style of music called grundge that continues to entertain and inspire musicians to this day. I believe that his music will last a long time an that people will value his music as one does a painting. He became an inspiration not only through music, but as a person because we can look back at his life and not repeat the life choices that have failed him. This book was written about him to show people the struggles in Kurt's life that many fans may not have know about. Until you read his biography, you will most likely not understand why he acted the way he did. We can learn many things from Kurt Cobain.
I personally felt that this book was very surprising and interesting. The choices he made throughout the book I felt were far out and not too intelligent. I chose this book to see what went inside Kurt's mind as he wrote songs such as "Smells Like Teen Spirit," or "Lithium." The answers to those were in depth. I felt very concerned about what he did. Now looking back on it, his actions propelled me to stay very far away from drugs and to never use them and that I should always hang around people you make better choices in life. This is what Kurt taught me throughout this book. I felt that this book gave a very detailed description of Kurt's life. The one thing I disliked about is that the book did progressed in a very non distinct matter. Going back and finding certain events were not to easy. Other than that, I felt that the book gave a very detailed overview of Kurt's life from birth to death. I learned many things out of this book that I did not know such as the fact that Nirvana had more than 1 drummer. Sometimes even, there was so much detail I couldn't keep up. I had to reread some of it to make sense of it. But all in all it was an excellent book. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5.
This is the symbol that is most identifiable to any Nirvana or Kurt Cobain fans. This was used on many fliers in their early days and on. It is not exactly known how the face came about but there's rumors speculating from an Axl Rose impression to a design on a poster. We remember Kurt mainly for his outgoing personality as a rock star and how he succumbed to substance abuse by the death of his own hand.
Kurt's life was full of problems. His biggest problems out of all though, would be his parent's divorce and his drug addiction. Both of these would plague him from the beginning of his life. Since Kurt was only 9 when his parent's split, he couldn't do much. He had to suffer all the way through it. It made it even worse when the parents remarried other spouses. his left Kurt emotionally devastated because he felt he lost his family. Usually when rock stars get famous, they can get their hands on anything, including drugs. When he started doing Heroin, his life to a turn for the worse. He became very angry with little things and became more isolated. The drug even lead him to attempt suicide. Unfortunately nothing could be done as rehab did little to help. In the end, substance abuse won as Kurt decided to take his own life. So really, Kurt never overcame his problems.
This book mainly covers all of Kurt's life. As a child, things went well for Kurt until his parents got divorced. This divorce led Kurt to become emotionally disturbed. Throughout high school, he then got into drugs and rock n roll and formed Nirvana after he dropped out. They became successful with the release of "Nevermind," and Kurt became espoused to Courtney Love. But his life took a downward spiral when he began to use Heroin soon after. This led to Kurt eventually killing himself a year after Nirvana's last album "In Utero." Kurt has left us a legacy of a new style of rock called "grundge," that still continues to live onto this day.
Cross, Charles R. Heavier than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain. New York: Hyperion, 2001. Print.
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