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Analysis of Consumer Problems: Qdoba

Colin Brassfield Chris Shaw Kristyn Spitz Molly Stanton

Chris Shaw

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Analysis of Consumer Problems: Qdoba

Part 1: Profile of Market Area Target market of 18 to 49 year olds
Tend to do a lot of business with the younger generations such as high school and college students.
Qdoba appeals to all classes of people, students, adults and families.
People refer to Qdoba as a healthy alternative to fast food with options to cater to everyone’s needs. Part 2: Description of Problem Confusion of menu ("its out of control")
what is a "naked"???
Market cannot figure out healthy/nonhealthy
lack of display
simple(er) order process
Colin Brassfield
Intro to Part 2 Kristyn Spitz
Intro to Part 1 Chris Shaw
Intro to Part 3 Part 3: Consumer Behavior Analysis Perception
Problem recognition
Internal/External Search
Social Influences Molly Stanton
Intro to Part 4 Part 4: Product Concept Fit menu
Healthy-eater menu??
Description of ingredients
Calorie indicator on all products •Simple(er) menu
•Suggested nutrition plans (sponsored by Qdoba)
•Test on “health club”
Start selling healthy stuff at health clubs
i.e. whole foods
(market to people that shop there) Repositioning Plan The End Questions?? Health vs. Hedonism Qdoba Kristyn Spitz
Colin Brassfield
Chris Shaw
Molly Stanton
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