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Does the color of a candle affect the way it melts.

No description

kary chavez

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Does the color of a candle affect the way it melts.

scientific question
The color candle will burn faster because the white candles are used for emergencies and they
burn slower so the color will burn faster.
Independent Variable: The color of candles.

Dependent Variable:The rate it burns.
variables controlled:

the size candle.
the same area placed them on.
the same type of candles.

Does the color of a candle affect the way it melts?

Independent Variable: The color of candles.

Dependent Variable:The rate it burns
The white candle burned faster than the red and baige candles
What happened was I disproved my theory. I thought in my hypothesis that the red candle would burn faster because the chemicals put into the candle to make the color. What actually happened was the white candle burned faster. I thought the white candle would burn slower because they are used for emergency candles when say the power goes out, well that's what people said ,but that's not what happened. So the white candle burned fastest and I disproved my theory.

which candle color burns faster?
A white,red and baige candle

Three plates
My Purpose:

My purpose of doing this project was o determine wheather a white candle burn faster then a color candles and my result was that white candles burn or melt faster than other color candles

Does color of candle affect burn speed? My hypothesis was the color candle will burn faster because of the chemicals in the color candle. I disproved my hypthosesis I thougtht that the red candle was going to burn faster but the white candle did.I was very surprised because white candles are normally used for emergency candles like in case the power goes out or you just have no heat or light. What I did in my expeiment was first put two candles on seperate plates a white one and a red one. I then took a lighter and Iighted the candles at about the same time. I wait untill the wax is all liquid record my results and the redo it with the other two trials I have to do. Thats basically it for my experiment. Thats all I did.
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