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Jacques Lacan

No description

Jacqueline Ramirez

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Jacques Lacan

Jacques Lacan Psychoanalytical Theory: The Mirror Stage
Jacques Lacan
How did Jacques Lacan reformed psychoanalysis?
The Mirror stages
Could the mirror stage be applied to this day?
How did it all begin?
On paranoic psychosis in its relations to the personality
Lacan`s thesis represented a connection between psychiatric medicine and psychoanalysis. The combination of clinical and theoretical would become Lacan`s practice called "return to Freud". Lacan expanded psychoanalysis into philosphy, lingustics, literature and even math.
Pre-mirror stage
Post mirror stage
Once the child has reached this stage he or she is beginning to speak traces of meaning are repressed from what the child has been sperated from. Desire remains from the pre mirror stage but are blocked by reality. The post mirror stage will later develop psychosis in the child where in adulthood he or she will suffer from the imbalance of imagenery, symbolic and real.
Lacan`s teachings and writings explore the discoveries of the practice of discipline.
Jacques Lacan attended medical school , studying psychoanalysis while working with patients who suffered from automatism. Individuals believed actions, writing and speeches were controlled by outside and omniponent forces. Once Lacan wrote this thesis for his doctoral he became a psychoanalytical movement in France.
Although Lacan`s theories are complicated to comprehend, but extend the psychoanalytical thoughts in many directions. The mirror theory gives a picture to individuals on how they are, how fantasy and reality create a inbalance in adulthood.
Eventually Lacan would replace Freud`s stages about child development through pre mirror, mirror and post mirror stages.
In the pre mirror stage is where a child of six months is between the gap of outside world curiosities and fantasies combined with the consciousness.
Yes, children from the ages six to eighteen months are when he or she is most curious about the world around them. What the mirror stage brings is ego of how the child sees how they are. As the child continues to grow physically and expand on knowledge, the post mirror stage exposes reality. At a early age already the child sees what he or she desires and the desire will mix with reality. Everyone wants and this theory relates to everyone. That people everywhere are struggling with self and other.
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