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iStem Keynote Presentation

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on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of iStem Keynote Presentation

Pr ject

w/ Scott Swaaley
The Assignment
Get out the contents of your envelope.

Read the instructions (suggested)

Make a paper circuit that is as simple or complex as you want.

Feel free to work with those around you.

... Surprise Collaboration ...

Go - you have 15 minutes.
Paper Circuit Debrief
In pairs:
Share what you learned from this exercise.
What math/science content could you teach from this exercise?
What other skills could you teach?

Group Popcorn
What did we identify?
Who Am I?
Scott Swaaley
2nd Career Teacher
Lifelong Tinkerer & Learner
Teach 9th Grade Physics & Engineering, Partnered w/ a Humanities Teacher
Project Inspiration
A Note To Administrators
The Driving Question
What would you do if you could teach anything you wanted in any way you wanted and only concern yourself with the best possible outcomes for
Introduction (5 min)

Electronics Activity (25 min)

What is Project Based Learning (10 min)

Project Models (5 min)

Project Design (25 min)

Special note to Administrators (5 min)

Q & A (15 min)
Where does PBL start?
Do, Make, Build Something Authentic
Use that experience as the learning context for the class
Let the Project Drive the Curriculum
Revise the work multiple times in multiple ways
Exhibit the work

Project Based Learning is not Project Oriented Learning

Projects connect students to the “adult world” and authentic reasons for learning.

Projects require students to be active learners.

Students learn important skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
No Rigor without Engagement
No Rigor without Ownership
No Rigor without Exemplars
No Rigor without Audiences
No Rigor without Purpose
No Rigor without Dreams
No Rigor without Courage
No Rigor without Fun
“I like projects we do at HTe. We don’t have to do worksheets that just get thrown in the garbage. Our work is important. It matters.”
-Sebastian, 5th grade

“You get to take out your skills and share it with the class, the school and the community.”
-Matteo, 2nd grade

“The core of HTH is to use project based learning as a tool to achieve equity for all students.”
- Larry Rosenstock, founder of HTH
By the end of this presentation, we will:
Understand the main ingredients of a project.
be inspired by your colleagues.
develop LOTS of ideas for projects!
develop one project idea in detail.

“The best way to get good ideas is to get a lot of ideas.” ~ Linus Pauling

, by Malcolm Gladwell, he discusses the reliance of genius on the volume of ideas.

“You can keep growing...you are where you are...start what you know and what you love.”
~ Ms. Shelley Glenn Lee, Science & Art Exploratory
Spend 2 minutes brainstorming alone as you answer these questions:

What are your passions?
What are the things you wish you had more time to do?
What have you always wanted to do or explore, but have never had the chance.
What makes you most angry about the world?

Try to write down at least 5 things.

Remember - we're aiming for lots of ideas. Don't worry about the "quality" of the idea yet.
Spend 2 mins brainstorming alone

Then in groups of 2 - 3:

Write down at least 25 product ideas
Do not debate or discuss ideas
Encourage wild ideas!
Write them down!!
You have about 5 minutes!
"I take it that Herodotus' "anecdote" that the Persians deliberated while drunk and decided while sober implies that in the early stages of a dialectic exchange a "wild idea" is often more fruitful that a prematurely prudent opinion."
Notes on Dialogue
by Stringfellow Barr, in regards to
The Histories,
by Herodotus.
You'll have ~20 minutes to plan a project.

Other Handouts:
Essential Question Project Plan
Passion/Product Based Project Plan
Multi-disciplinary Chart
Weekly Planning Calendar
Project Tuning Protocol

Conditions that foster PBL:
Reduced Student Load
Teaching Teams & Collaborations
Shared spaces and activities.
Professional Development focus on skill building and producing.

The administrator’s role is to remove obstacles so students/teachers can focus on teaching.
What is Project Based Learning?
Powerful Projects Foster Significant and Deep Learning

Rob Riordan’s Rules of Rigor
Why PBL?
Project Brainstorm
Data Collection
Camera/Audio Traps
Passion Brainstorm
Product Brainstorm
Next Steps:
Finish planning your project.
Ask for critique.
Try it this Fall and reflect.

Me - business card in your envelope.
“Teaching is more like gardening than engineering.”
~ Sir Kenneth Robinson

Resources & Next Steps
What did you come up with?
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