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The Scorch Trials

No description

Joey English

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials About the Author James Dashner was born in Georgia on November 26, 1972. He attended the University of Brigham. He studied accounting but, wanted to be a writer. Dashner is the author of the maze runner series, The 13th reality series, The journal of Curious Letters, The Hunt for Dark Infinity and The Blade of Shattered Hope. He Also is the father of four kids and lives in the Rocky mountains. Characterization The main character in the novel is Thomas. At first Minho is labeled as the leader by the gladers. But as the story goes on Thomas turns into the real leader. Thomas is brave during bad situations he is also very smart and doesn't panic under pressure. Thomas was courageous in situations like when he had to kill the crank. Thomas also got shot trying to lead his group to the destination. Towards the end of the book the group starts listening to what Thomas has to say and they obey his commands. Everyone likes Thomas and they all agree that he is the best choice for a leader. When Thomas and Brenda were in the bus sleeping Brenda woke Thomas up to show him signs that were around the city that stated that Thomas was the true leader of group A. Conflict The conflict of the story is man vs. nature (the gladers vs. the scorch) and man vs. man (The gladers vs. the cranks.) Theme The theme of the scorch trials is a path is not chosen, but given. This is the theme of this book because, the gladers were given a certain task and expected to follow the rules and if they didn't follow these specific instructions they would be killed. They followed these rules and in the end they were given a cure and rescued. Symbolism The scorch represents death. The scorch in this book is responsible for all the death on the planet. It ended up killing all the plants and animals on Earth. It turned everything into a dusty wasteland. The scorch's flares are responsible for the disease which turns people into zombie-like cranks. Another symbol would be groups A and B. They represent hope and courage. The groups are the Earth's only hope of finding a cure to prevent this flare disease. They represent strength because both groups faced many obstacles during this trek to the destination. Neither of these groups gave up, even though they had to deal with many hardships. They had to deal with hunger and they had to deal with cranks that wanted to eat them. Plot The story starts out when the Gladers(group of kids/all boys) are rescued by a group of people. These people take them to a safe haven. This safe haven is heavily barried so no cranks(zombie like people that have been infected by the flare disease) can get in. They eat, shower and go to bed in this place and in the middle of the night they are woken up by a massive group of cranks trying to get in the building. They go to alert the rescuers about this problem, but instead find them hanging from the ceiling. The Gladers realize that they are stuck in this building alone with no food. This goes on for the next three days until a package of food randomly arrives in the common room. In the common room there is a man in a white suit behind a desk. The gladers call this man rat man because his face looks like a rat. This man gives the Gladers their next task. He tells them that they must make their way through the scorch to a certain destination. If they make to this destination, they will give everyone a cure for the flare disease. He also tells them that they all have been infected by this disease so if they don't obey these rules they will eventually turn into a crank. Essential Questions Is everyone's fate predetermined? 1. Plot The rat man leaves and the Gladers immediately start their trek to find this cure. The group starts hiking towards the closest city. The gladers eventually make it to the city and spend the night in an abandoned warehouse. While there in the house they realize there not alone. Out of nowhere the door busts open and they are surrounded by a group of cranks. These cranks are normal and the disease hasn't taken over their minds yet. Cranks named Jorge and Brenda decide to help Thomas and the rest of the gladers along the way in return for the cure. They all go downstairs to eat and get more supplies. As there resupplying the roof collapses and they all take off in separate directions. Brenda and Thomas get seperated from the rest of the group. They walk through the underneath(the building) to find a way out and meet up with the rest of the group. As there walking they encounter a full blown group of cranks. They run and hide because they are outnumbered. One of the cranks ends up finding them and tries to kill Thomas and Brenda. Thomas grabbed a knife out of his backpack and stabbed the crank to death. 2. Could you risk your life for people you've only known for a short period of time?
answer: Maybe if that group of people was important to you. When Thomas and Brenda are trying to find a way out of the underneath they encounter a group of cranks who have completely lost their minds. They are outnumbered so they run in a separate room and find a hidden compartment underneath an old table. They hide there and the whole time they can hear the cranks voices and laughter. Eventually the cranks come into the room and the whole group looks around and eventually leaves. Thomas and Brenda thought they were ok so they popped their heads out of the compartment and right as they popped out a crank who was still in the room, grabbed Thomas's shirt. The crank threw Thomas against the concrete wall and gave Thomas a bloody nose. Brenda tackled the crank to the ground and Thomas grabbed a knife out of his bag and stabbed the crank killing him. Thomas didn't want to kill the crank but he knew he had to because if he didn't it would have killed him and Brenda. Man vs. Man(external)-Thomas and Brenda vs. the Cranks/Example: Man vs. Nature (External)- The gladers vs. The scorch Example: Plot Thomas and Brenda eventually find their way out of the underneath and take shelter in a bus over night. In the middle of the night Thomas and Theresa are woken up by loud music and people screaming. They go to investigate and find out that the noise is coming from a party being held by some normal cranks. Three cranks with guns ask them if they want to party and they agree to. During the party they give Thomas and Brenda a cup of whiskey and forces them to drink it. They told them that if they didn't drink it they would be shot. Thomas and Brenda pass out from the whiskey and wake up, in a room tied to chairs. They are surrounded by the three strangers that took them to club and the strangers are holding guns to their heads. The rest of the gladers charge through the door and rescue Thomas and Brenda. They started beating up the three strangers. They release Thomas and Brenda from the chairs and they all walk out of the building. As there walking out the door a gun is fired and a bullet strikes Thomas in the shoulder. He passes out and wakes up with a bandaged arm the gladers tell him that its just a flesh wound and that he'll be fine. His arm eventually heals and they finally make it to the destination. At the destination they meet group B which is a group of all girls. Both groups are confused because they made it to this destination but nothing is happening. Plot Seconds later the ground opens up and black pods that look like eggs surround both groups. The pods started to hatch and creatures come out. Both groups started charging these creatures with there weapons they eventually killed all these creatures. This was there final obstacle and both groups were rescued by a giant ship and the rat man man gave both groups the cure. Nobody turns into cranks and everyone is saved. answer: No i don't believe are fates are determined for us. By James Dashner Skin would automatically burn and peel off if it was exposed to the scorch for more than five minutes. To deal with this the gladers had to wrap bedsheets around themselves. They also had to find shelter quickly. The scorch is also responsible for the flare disease. It turns people into cranks. The process of becoming a crank is an extremely painful one. First the disease takes over your body making you extremely weak and fatigued and then it takes over your mind making you go mentally insane Quote #1 "Hunger. It's like an animal trapped inside you, Thomas thought. After days of not eating, it felt like a vicious, gnawing, dull-clawed animal was trying to burrow its way out of his stomach." I chose this quote because it was very detailed and it showed how hungry Thomas and the rest of the group was. Thomas compared his hunger to an animal trying to find a way out of his stomach. This lack of food made the gladers extremely lifeless and tired. They had no energy to do anything whatsoever. When food finally did come some kids threw up from overeating because they hadn't eaten in three days. Quote #2
"He'd just killed a man. He'd taken the life of another person. His insides felt full of poison." I chose this quote because it explained how Thomas felt after killing the crank. Thomas felt bad because he took the life of another person. Brenda told Thomas that he had to kill the crank and that there was no choice. If he didn't kill him then there was a good chance that the man would have alerted the rest of the cranks and they would have outnumbered and eventually killed Thomas and Brenda.
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