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3.8 Paragraph

No description

Sandra Dow

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of 3.8 Paragraph

3.8 Paragraph

The objective is to write an effective paragraph.
3.8 means three topics and eight sentences.
Sentences 4 and 5
Begin Sentence # 4 with a transition. Sentences # 4 and 5 are about our second idea: a terrible headache.
Sentences 6 and 7
Sentence # 6 must begin with a transition. Sentences 6 and 7 must be about our third idea: a grouch personality
Sentence # 8
My conclusion must make a final statement about my topic. DO NOT PUT THE SAME WORDS IN YOUR CONCLUSION THAT APPEAR IN YOUR FIRST SENTENCE.
Now I am going to write sentences 2 and 3. They must be about my first idea: runny nose
Now you know how to write an effective paragraph!
Edit and Revise
Look over your paragraph.
Topics for a 3.8
Favorite Hobbies
Symptons of a Bad Cold
Three personality traits I admire
Three activities I Enjoy in My Free Time
Reasons Why Music Is Enjoyable

After, Before, Finally, First, Later, Meanwhile, Next, Soon, Then, Second, Third, During, Earlier, Subsequently, Above, Across, Behind, In front of, Again, Also, Another, In addition, However, On the other hand, As a result, Since, Therefore, Hence, Thus
A 3.8 paragraph can be made better by using compound sentences, complex sentences, strong verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Try to write the very best sentences you can for each topic. You will be amazed at the great paragraph you can write.
I have a complete sentence
with a capital letter at the
beginning and a period
at the end.
Notice the use of
adjectives: runny,
terrible, and grouchy
A bad cold makes me have a runny nose, a terrible headache, and a grouchy personality.
Begin Sentence 2 with a transition
To begin with, a bad cold can cause a runny nose which results in using a great many tissues.
Sentence # 3 must also be about my nose

I end up having a red, sore nose because I have to wipe my nose so much.
Check and make sure both sentences begin with a capital letter and end with an end mark.
Do you have any adjectives in your sentences????
Next, I have a pounding in my head that is like a carpenter pounding a nail in a rooftop.
Sometimes if I rub my temples, the pain will lessen, but often times I just have to take a nap.
In addition to my other symptions, probably the worst sympton I have is that I feel so awful I treat other people badly.
I am usually kind to others, but having a bad cold can turn me into a real Groucho Marx.
I am going to make every effort to take care of myself so that I and those around me will not have to suffer through the symptons of a bad cold.
You can turn this paragraph into a five paragraph essay or a term paper.
Being organized is the KEY to writing effectively.
Do you have three ideas in your first sentence?
Do you have a transition at the beginning of sentences 2, 4, and 6?
Do you have 8 sentences?
Do you have complete sentences?
Have you checked your spelling?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
First, you must pick a topic.
Let's write a 3.8 paragraph together. My topic is going to be three symptons of a bad cold.
Model 3.8 Paragraph

Paul Lindsay, an author and ex-FBI agent, has
influenced both my life and my writing through his
realistic characters, FBI background, and his smooth
writing ability. First of all, Paul's main character in his books, Mike Devlin, is a brazen, hardheaded, sarcastic, brilliant FBI agent. Lindsay seems to breath life in Devlin and each of his characters by making everything seem as well thought and superbly executed as a real person. Next, Lindsay has influenced my life with his background as an FBI agent. I have become deeply interested in this career, even though what he described as Devlin's surroundings were slightly glamorized, but not really over the top. Finally, I find that Lindsay's wonderful writing ability has influenced me the most in my own thinking and writing process. He somehow manages to make his characters, plot line, and descriptions flow smoothly and is a master at displaying human emotions and creating the perfect characters. In conclusion, I find that Mr. Lindsay's talent and writing have influenced my life and my own writing process.

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