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Kiersten Miner

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Kiersten Miner

-Chapter 1 Page 6:
" But Frances loves being called Frankie."
-Chapters 2-3 Page 17:
"She didn't know what to take to Chicago; she didn't care what she took to Chicago; she didn't want to take anything to Chicago because she didn't want to go to Chicago."
-Chapters 4-5 Page 31:
"Frances had never had much reason to think about money."
-Chapters 6-7 Page 53:
"The way ya was playing that harmonica, if I had it to do, I'd call ya 'Blue'."
-Chapters 8-10 Page 67:
"Surprising her still further was the tiny twinge of jealousy she felt when Stewpot talked about Don."
Inference/Prediction of the Quotes
Important Events
Chapter 1:
- Great Depression
- Father's Death
Chapters 2-3:
- House Selling
- Conversation about Hoboing
Chapters 4-5:
- Went to Train Station
- Exchanged her ticket
Chapters 6-7:
- Getting boys clothing and cutting hair
- Got on a train
- Meets Stewpot
Historical Events
Chapter 1:
- The economy crashes
- Businesses are closing
- No jobs
- Black Tuesday and Thursday
Chapters 2-3:
- Banks foreclosed on houses
- Even millionaires were poor
- servants aren't needed
Chapters 4-5:
- Tramping
- Costs of things
Chapters 6-7:
- Railroad Guards
Chapters 8-10:
-Winter hardships
- President Hoover
-Amazing Grace
-Soup kitchens
Chapter 1:
- Why wasn't Frances all that sad when her dad died
- What happened to mom?
Chapters 2-3:
- How old were all the staff?
Chapters 4-5:
- How would Junius taking her with him be kidnapping?
Chapters 6-7:
-Do we still have railroad guards today?
Chapters 8-10:
-Does she like Stewpot?
-How does she feel about the guy stealing?
MINER: Nowhere to Call Home Chapters: 1-7
Chapter 1:
I believe that in her hobo life that is the name she will go by.
Chapters 2-3:
I think this is foreshadowing that she won't end up going to Chicago.
Chapters 4-5:
I think she will find out just how much she was spoiled.
Chapters 6-7:
I think that Frankie Blue will be her name when she becomes famous at playing music.
Chapters 8-10:
I think this means that Frankie has a crush on Stewpot.
Chapters 11-13:
I think that this may be the most important quote of the book.

-Chapters 11-13 Page 89:
"People don't ask to loose their jobs and get thrown out on the street."
-Chapters 14-16 Page 132:
"But his breath became ragged bursts, and his eyes looked tired."
-Chapters 17-19 Page 147:
"Her anger was overcome by worry when she saw how tired and dispirited and ill he suddenly looked."
-Chapters 20-24 Page 183:
"He fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, and Frankie fell beside him, and laid her head on his chest, and wept."
-Chapters 25-26 Page 199:
"After taking one more deep breath she reached for the heavy brass door knocker and let it fall.
Chapters 8-10:
- Meets girl hobo's
- Hard time hiding her gender
- Does her first job
Chapters 11-13:
-She hopped a moving train
-She got her first knife
- Her valuables were stolen
- They left the group
Chapters 14-16:
- Stewpot is sick
- Jumped off a moving train
- Dinner with a kind lady
Chapters 14-16:
I think Stew is getting worse and Frankie is going to admit she likes him and show who she is.
Chapters 17-19:
Stew is getting worse and Frankie is scared for him.
Chapters 20-24:
I think that Frankie liked/cared for Stew a lot more than she let on and it kills her that she never got to tell him.
Chapters 25-26:
I think that her aunt welcomes her in with open arms and she pursues her dream of becoming a pianist.

Chapters 17-19:
-Frankie tells Stew everything
-Stews real name is James Haskell
-Stew is getting worse
-Get arrested
-Go to mission
Chapters 20-24:
-Spent money for supplies
-Stew had hectic fits of fever
-Seeing the Mountains
-Stew dies
Chapters 25-26:
-Stew's burial
-Frankie's sadness
-She goes back to Chicago
-Sees hobo mark at aunts house
Chapters 11-13:
-How was her first time hopping the train?
Chapters 14-16:
-Is Frankie starting to get homesick?
Chapters 17-19:
-How is Stew?
Chapters 20-24:
- How long has Hoover been elected?
Would Stew of died without the medicine?
Chapters 25-26:
- Did she ever become a pianist?
-How did her aunt react?
Chapters 11-13:
-Police under pressure with the vagrants
-Pawn shops
-most trains headed west
Chapters 14-16:
-bo marks
-the mission
-with two dollars you can buy 8 pocket knives, 20 quarts of milk, or 40 loaves of bread
Chapters 17-19:
-Police letting hobos on trains to a different town
Chapters 20-24:
- Hoovervilles
Chapters 25-26:
This is a Hooverville
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