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Metroid Pong

No description

Andy Swain

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Metroid Pong

SCRATCH Scratch is a program invented by
MIT which allows for somewhat easy
game-making. It simplifies scripts
into attachable blocks. An example of a game
made in Scratch... PONG (Title Screen) Metroid Pong is basically a Metroid-themed
Pong game. Metroid is a game released by Nintendo
in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was
in no way similar to Pong, as it had an orange-suited
protagonist exploring a dangerous planet called Zebes.
Her mission was to defeat the Space Pirates and their
leader, Mother Brain. One of Samus Aran's abilities
was to morph into a ball in order
to reach into smaller places. As such,
I used the Morph Ball as the Pong ball. Metroid Pong has a mission, but as the story
isn't the focus of the game, it's nothing brilliant. It shares the same general premise
as Metroid, with Samus trying to defeat Mother
Brain. Unlike in Metroid, Samus doesn't
directly face Mother Brain in this
game. She's just trying to trek through
Planet Zebes (in ball form, no less),
to ultimately get to Tourian, which is
Mother Brain's lair. If you run out of
lives, you lose. If you get through
Tourian alive, you win. (Level 1: Brinstar) Many of the creatures native to Zebes that appear all throughout Metroid make appearances across the game's
three levels, corresponding to the current level, of course. But it should be noted that the creatures are
only there to distract you. In Brinstar, it may be easy to ignore the fluttering Rios or spinning Skrees while keeping your eye on the ball, but it won't be quite as easy in Norfair. You play as both Samus and the paddle.
The paddle is basically blocks of terrain
from the level's respective tileset. The paddle
follows your mouse, and each time you hit the
ball with the paddle, you gain 50 points. When
you reach a score of 2500 and 5000, respectively,
you move on to the next level. In level 3: Tourian, you have to reach 7500 score to win the
game. However, you also have to deal with the Ball Count. Most of the time, when Samus hits the
lava, she explodes. This takes a ball away. At the start, you have 3 balls. Each level, you earn a new ball, allowing for a maximum of 5 balls by the time you reach Tourian. If your Ball Count hits zero, you lose. As the levels progress, things get harder. Each new level, the ball moves faster, distractions become more prevalent, and the paddle shrinks. By Tourian, the ball moves very fast and the paddle is only 3 5x5 tiles wide. It is very likely to lose all of your lives in this level, even if you've reached the maximum of 5.
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