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How and why did flying creatures evolve?????


Monique Sedgwick

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of How and why did flying creatures evolve?????

???????????? Information report Narrative Book review journal entries Journal entry 1 Journal entry 2 Fine arts Fine arts Some insects are dainty like butterflies... and here's an angry bird... I hope you enjoyed my presentation!!!!! any questions????? Thank you for your time!!!!!!!!!! Pretty swan the end Over the weekend i did 5 pages of notes. Today, my cousins came from Adelaide. It was a tough decision leaving my cousin Tyler at home while I visited the museum. Turns out, I spent most of the time in the dinosaur section and discovered a lot about the end of non-avian dinosaurs. Before that, I interviewed Dr. Paul Niall who is a field ornithologist. Also (yes, I did a lot of IRT stuff today) I finished drawing the pictures for my book covers. So far (including this one) I have only done 6 entries :( Also, according to my calculations, the art plan is due next week and I still have no Idea of what to do. Problem number 1: I think my reading book is really boring so I will have to find another one if Mrs. Vitel allows me. Problem number 2: I want to read a book from the series, Guardians of Ga'hoole but I don't know where to find those books because I can't remember the name of the author. Sunday 5th August 2012 How and why did flying creatures evolve Narrative 15 September 2012 I have almost finished my presentation speech and I am almost finished with rearranging my prezi. I am really excited and nervous at the same time, having seen some presentations on Friday!!! When I gave Ms Vitel my learning log it had 24 entries not including this one so I think i had enough entries. I hope I will not have to re do this speech that I'm working on because I think this newer one is WAY better than the one that I wrote before!!!
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