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Ten Characteristics of a Good Teacher

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karolina brzozka

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Ten Characteristics of a Good Teacher

attitude passion for teaching
enjoyment in transmitting knowledge Ten Characteristics
of a Good Teacher creativity attitude passion for teaching
enjoyment in transmitting knowledge creativity engaging the student's mind:
information-gap exercises
jazz chants
problem solving utilizing the skills
students have already developed in their first language pace and humor humor alleviates student's nervousness
it facilitate the acquisition
students are not afraid to make mistakes, they could take chances humor is a double-edged sword:
what is funny to one person may
not be funny to another Humor across cultures can
add a layer of difficulty to communication. preparation never lose thinking about what to do next adrenaline is a positive force challenges speaking in
language don't switch codes,
it's confusing maintain a level of difficulty high enough
to challenge student, but not so high as
to discourage her/him encouragement
patience never showing displeasure even if
student doesn't get anything being positive = encouraging
initial and repeated attempts the students will apply themselves more
diligently Motivation thrives on success. if he/she does, the student
lose incentive and
become unsure of him/herself interest
student find out what students’
interests are hobbies,
past employment,
etc. competence knows grammar well and who can
explain something on the spot having the simple courage to admit
that one does not know an answer
if indeed he/she doesn’t extra geting round to help pupils after classes
encouraging to do extra work on their own equality treating regardless of sex, marital status, race, or future need for the language affective characteristics skills classroom management techniques academic knowledge enthusiasm encouragement humor interest in
the student availability mental health creativity challenge pace fairness grammar BASED ON:
Author: Patricia Miller
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