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lib hist

on 13 September 2016

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Medal of Honor
It is the highest military award
It`s awarded by the president of the United States
It has been awarded 3,515 times
There are three versions of the medal, the army, the navy, and the air force
They were established between 1861 and 1965
Jack Jacobs
Served from 1966-1987
He won his Medal of Honor for service in Vietnam
He has earned 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars, 2 Silver Stars, and the Medal of Honor
Jack Jacobs dragged his commander and 30 other solders to safety while he was severely injured himself
Kenneth Worley
Served in Vietnam from 1967-1968
He saved the lives of fellow marines by jumping on a grenade that was close by, absorbing the full impact of the explosion. His died from his brave and selfless action.
High respect; esteem
Audie Murphy
Fought in World War II
He has earned 27 awards
Served 1942-1945
He is responsible for the deaths or serious injuries of more than 50 enemies
Audie Murphy called in artillery strikes on Germans when he was the last man still fighting. He stood on a burning tank to shoot at them after he ordered his fellow soldiers to retreat back to the woods.
The ability to do something that frightens one
love for or devotion to ones country
Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle
These well-respected soldiers showed honor for risking their lives to save others.
Mary E. Walker
The four soldiers risked their lives by going into the armed forces and fighting until the end.
The amazing people we have researched have gone above the average American and devoted their lived to fighting for their country.
These soldiers persevered even in the face of danger, showing immense amounts of valor
She was a U.S Army surgeon, prohibitionist,feminist, and abolitionist
Wasthe first and only female to win the Medal of Honor
She worked as surgeon American Civil War and rescued suffering inhabitants from enemy territory. " While treating civilians, she was taken prisoner by the Confedeates and was imprisoned for four months until she was released in a prisoner exchange."
The four soldiers we chose have expressed great honor, courage, patriotism, and valor. They have gone through unimaginable things and made impossible choices. These people are representatives of great American soldiers. They will and have given everything for their country.
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