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Zig Ziglar

No description

Julie Molierac

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Zig Ziglar

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His childhood
"Transformation from a "too small, poor boy from Yazoo City, Mississippi ," to one of the world's most highly regarded
motivational experts
Zig Ziglar
His philosophy and Values

Young adult years
"Solid values such as faith in
, commitment to
hard work, compassion
for others,
common sense, fairness, integrity, and a sense of humor
His career
Hilary Hinton Ziglar

Hinton from England
Bavaria, German origins "Ziegelbrenner" : "Brick maker", "Bearer"
South of Germany -> occupied by Romans, strong house building industry
Migration to North America from Mid 17th Century until mid 20th
To escape poverty and persecution

November 6, 1926: Born prematurely in Coffee City, Alabama
Parents: John Silas Ziglar and Lila Wescott Ziglar
The 10th of 12 children!

1931: Zig was 5 years old -> Yazoo City, Mississippi (most of his childhood)
1932: His father dies of Stroke, he lost his young sister in 1934
"my mother knew the Bible, and she kept telling us children that we would be kind and gracious to our black brothers and sisters, and one day we would stand in front of a colorblind Lord.”
Baptist, Christian
=Depicts the atmosphere in Mississippi+ strength of his mother
1943-1945: 17 years old, He served for the
US Navy
Navy College Training Program
-University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC

1944: He met his wife in Jackson, Jean Abernathy, 16 years old
4 children
: Suzan Ziglar Witmeyer (died 1995) ,Tom Ziglar, Cindy Ziglar Oates, Julie Ziglar Norman
1947: He stops College and moves to Lancaster, SC

1950's: door-to-door cookware salesman "
WearEver Aluminum Company

"Mr. Merrell changed the way I saw myself".
he change was dramatic."
Develops Character strength, perseverance, motivation

Zig worked in a succession of sales companies early in life. As his sales skills grew so did his interest in motivational speaking.
1970's: Launches His Business: the "Zigmanship Institute", now Ziglar Inc.

He begins to do Seminars, Speeches, Training, Sales Management

1974: His first book is published "
Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles
1975: "
See you at the Top

1978: "Suceess Rallies" in Wahington DC, Capitol

2001: National Speakers Association: Prestigious Cavett Award

2010: He falls down the stairs= short memory impaired
He influences people in a different way

"Zig still devotes every day to living this life he talks about, to applying some eternal truths about
character, commitment, hard work and self-determination.”
His characteristics

leapt out of bed to the
opportunity clock
Bussed his wife (“Hey, Sugar Baby/ red head”)
A positive mindset
: avoid crime stories and celebrity gossip in morning newspaper.

Dallas, Texas, the Rising
Promoted through the company = BUT interested in the
power of self- help
speakers and ability to
influence others
Church Talks, Rotary Club meetings =use his mother's advices/own experiences-> H H Ziglar -> Zig

1968: Vice president for an Automotive Performance company, Dallas, Texas

1971: Believer and rising

Ziglar became a Christian. It was July 4, 1972. He was 45.

“That was the missing ingredient,” Ziglar said. “Everything changed for the better.”

Ziglar said faith in Christ helped him see that the true mark of success is something money can't buy — namely, peace of mind.
His achievements
Personal success- generosity
Zig Ziglar Corporation
Business consultant
40 years speaking career
60 employees
Travel more than 5 million miles
Consult for Fortune 500 companies
Consort with American Presidents / Leaders
Can-Do Maxims
31 books published -> 8 Best sellers
Speeches/CDs/DVDs /webcasts/ blogs/ newsletters
Death of a Great Man

November 28, 2012 (86)
Plano Texas
Mixing religion with
to create classic motivational books

Be a difference-maker in people’s
personal, family and professional success
Make a
positive difference
in America and the world

Ziglar Way conveys powerful
life improvement messages
beyond barriers of age, culture and occupation
development training and
training programs

Taking action,
common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity
Balanced life while achieving significance at both work and home.

"Long term balanced success depends on character, attitude, and the skills to be effective."
Boll weevil Monument
The inspiring role of his mother
She was religious, a strong woman
Only had a fifth-grade education, but very wise
Always taught her children (12) "that when things happen, you can still move forward"
"His mother as the foremost influence on his life, a strict and devout woman with mental storehouse of adages"
Micro and Micro: Individuals and groups
Challenges and opportunities of OB
Innovation and change
Ability and attitude
Balance work-life
Ethical Behavior
Terminal and instrumental values
Emotion, behavior and sales
Motivation: intensity, direction, persistence
Big 5 Model ?
Core self evaluation
Proactive personality
Risk Taking
Personality-Job fit
Turn Workers X
Turn Workers Y
Why I choose him?
-His inspiring personality
-His career path
-His values
-The link with the course
My story
Family oriented
Self reliance
Strong mindset/ way of thinking
Persevering/ self motivated/ hard worker
Believer/ consider himself as blessed/ grateful
Excellent thinker and motivation speaker
-Trials :
raised in a small city with
racial issues background and agricultural towns
raised by a widowed mother / Family losses
death of his father and youngest sister
newlywed, financial struggles
lost one of his daughters from a lung disease
Comic strips
Stories about sports teams that win
Human interest tales
(anecdotes about people who overcame disabilities and poverty and becoms championships and the executive suite).
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