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Copy of Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Printmaking Edition

No description

Charcia Dericho

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Printmaking Edition

Who Wants to be a...
What does CSI stand for
Chi Sigma Iota
Crime Scene Investigation
Chi Sigma Involvement
Counter Strike Investigation
Who are our advisers?
Dr. Young and Dr.Hagedorn
Dr. Van Horn and Dr. Butler
Dr. Hundley and Dr. Taylor
We don't need no advisers
When was CSI established?
March 1988
May 2000
January 1985
October 1950
Who is the president for Fall 2015?
Nika Anwell and Gabi Reyes
Naomi Wheeler
Amber Wakemen
Louise Yergy
Who is the Director of Committees for Fall 2015?
Louise Yergy
Naomi Wheeler
Amber Wakemen
Elizabeth Crunk
What committees are available?

Career Development
All options plus News letter and Awards
Community Service
When will meetings be held for the Fall Semester?

Every Tuesdays before class
Every other Monday before class
Every other Wednesday before class
1 Friday a month at 6pm
What do the CSI T-shirts say for the Fall Semester?

Keep Calm Trust the Process
Counselors have superpowers
Watch me, Watch me... counsel.
You've just been counseled!
What outdoor event is coming up for CSI?

Challenge Course
Outdoor Paintball
You know that you don't want to be outdoors.
How many credits do you need to join CSI?
9 core classes
6 core classes
However many it take
to get to prac
12 core clasess
Voyeuristic disorder is very uncommon among females in clinical settings, while the male to-female ratio for single sexually arousing voyeuristic acts might be:
What would a differential diagnosis for this disorder be?
Conduct disorder
Substance use disorders
Antisocial personality disorder
All of the above
Voyeuristic Disorder has components that are illegal if acted upon. Counselors should seek this resource to determine severity of client intentions...
ACA Code of Ethics
Colleague Consultation
All of the Above
Florida Statute 810.14 creates the offense of voyeurism. Through the eyes of the law, Voyeurism happens when all of following are involved, EXCEPT...?
lewd intent
A person is inside a structure
secret observations of someone
Reasonable expectation of exposure
Camera Phones
Reality Television
What has been noted at the primary method of treatment for individuals with paraphilias?
Guided Imagery
Exposure Therapy
Rogerian Approach
What cognitive behavioral methods were noted as most prevalent for treatment of individuals with paraphilic disorders by Kaplan & Krueger?
Traditional CBT Methods
Orgasmic Reconditioning
All of the Above
Enhancing Adult Arousal
Despite CBT being the most common, little evidence supports one method being more successful than other regarding the treatment of individuals with Voyeuristic Disorder. Why is this ?
Lack of Research
Everyone's just winging it.
Who needs research ?
Abundance of Research
Unconventional sexual behaviors are associated with which of the following?
worse socioeconomic conditions
All of the above
HIV and STDs
psychiatric disorders
With a change to the paraphilic disorders from DSM-IV to DSM-5, one article stated, “virtually every change in the paraphilic disorder categories and criteria potentially has significant forensic ramifications, it is too soon to tell what their actual forensic impact will be.” This is because it effects which of the following?
role it plays in custody cases
what type of sentence and treatment is given
what level of sex offender that someone is assigned
All of the above
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
Question 12
Question 13

Question 14
Question 15
Question 16
Question 17
Question 18
Question 19
Question 20
Assumpção, A., Garcia, F., Garcia, H., Bradford, J., & Thibaut, F. (2014). Pharmacologic Treatment of Paraphilias. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 37(2), 173-181.

Beech, A., & Harkins, L. (2012). DSM-IV paraphilia: Descriptions, demographics and treatment interventions. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 527-539.

First, M. B. (2014). DSM-5 and paraphilic disorders. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online, 42(2), 191-201.

Kaplan, M., & Krueger, R. (2012). Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of the Paraphilias. Israel Journal Of Psychiatry And Related Sciences, 49(4), 291-296.

Metzl, J. M. (2004). Voyeur nation? Changing definitions of voyeurism, 1950-2004. Harvard Review Of Psychiatry,12(2), 127-131. doi:10.1080/10673220490447245

Oliveira Júnior, W. M. D., & Abdo, C. H. N. (2010). Unconventional sexual behaviors and their associations with physical, mental and sexual health parameters: a study in 18 large Brazilian cities. Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria, 32(3), 264-274

Rye, B. J., and Glenn J. Meaney. 2007. "Voyeurism: It Is Good as Long as We Do Not Get Caught." International Journal Of Sexual Health 19, no. 1: 47. Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File, EBSCOhost (accessed June 24, 2015).

Sanders, R. J. (2015). "I'll Be Watching You" THE FLORIDA VOYEURISM OFFENSE. (Cover story). Florida Bar Journal, 89(2), 8-15.

Voyeuristic Disorder
(Rye & Meaney, 2008)
Mud Run
Question 8
Counselor Implications
Counselor Implications
Counselor Implications
(DSM 5)
(Sanders, 2015)
(Metzl, 2015)
(Kaplan & Krueger, 2012)
(Kaplan & Kreuger, 2012)
(Beech & Harkins, 2012)
First, M. B. (2014)
Client Assessment
What is not a contributor to recent voyeuristic trends?
(DSM 5)
(DSM 5)
Oliveira Júnior, W. M. D., &
Abdo, C. H. N. (2010).
ACA Council
APA Council
Bonus Question
First, M. B. (2014)
“reduce the stigma by clarifying that atypical sexual arousal patterns are not evidence of psychopathology, the decision to repurpose the existing term paraphilia, understood for the past 34 years to be indicative of psychopathology in both medical and legal circle, is likely to create much confusion.” This was the aim of which of the following?
(First, 2014)
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