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Mobile Phones

No description

Howard Battersby

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Phones

Why Mobile phones are expensive?
The reason why phones are getting more expensive because it has rare new things for instance massive phones which are thin , being able to take pictures different ways . Also it carries more data compare to a 1980's phone , other reasons are because nowadays you can have a phone in a different color and you can personalize it more .
Mobile Phones
By Armaris Hamandishe

The good and bad about Phones
Phones have improved a lot on the other hand it has its bad points because it's wasting a good amount of rare special resources that can be used for more eco-friendly things for a example ; a house that doesn't used up electricity and that recycles water . For instance the good points are they are more enjoyable , more advanced and a variety of apps to choose from.
History of Mobile phones
The history of mobile have extremely changed and its more advanced and creative for example in the 1950 phones used to look like massive chunky phones with the thin Ariel sticking out of it and it only contain the keys. Also it was cheaper before and now a decent nice phone is approximately £90 to £500. In the next 50 years a mobile phone will be around £150 .
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