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Holocaust-Sarah sonia Shainwald

No description

Justin Moskowitz

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Holocaust-Sarah sonia Shainwald

Sarah’s house was burned down along with the entire town and most of the Jews the remained were dead.
Sarah’s brother had left to join a Partisan group with 30 of his friends to fight the Nazis and Sarah, her parents, and 15 other Jews had to dig 15 feet and put the wooden planks back in the spot they took it from to hide. They had no food or water there to keep them alive either.
One of the guards let them live even though he was supposed to kill them.
They would have to survive the brutal winters with just straw for warmth.
They accepted “sonia” into a partisan group.
Meir died.
She escaped to America
Sonia went on a mission with a team to derail a train.
She sacrificed her name because Sarah is a Jewish name so she made it Sonia because that is Russian.
She helped the risisters bomb cargo trains.
Teenage Partisan
Doctor (“Sonia worked tirelessly alongside overburdened doctor in a bleak and busy field clinic.”)
Frail and skinny
Enjoyed school because she love learning
The Resister’s Character and Physique

Key Events that Occur
Her Involvement in Resisting Oppression
Sarah (Sonia) Shainwald
- assistant in medics
- cooking meals
- has two grenades
- washes clothes
- collects water
- combat
- helped a doctor during battle

The Sacrifices She Made
By: Ally Fionda, Taylor Valenti, Christina Mignella and Justin Moskowitz
Important Question
What did Piotr Meneker do for Sarah (Sonia) Shainwald while they were partisans?
Answer- He recited poetry, and he serenaded her with ballads that he played on his guitar.
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