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The Scarlet Letter Timeline

No description

Colby Pflueger

on 12 August 2011

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter Timeline

The Scarlet Letter Timeline Hester Prynne is charged with adultery, and
is sentenced to stand on a scaffold in front of
the public for three hours. She carries her
infant child in her arms as she stands as a
mockery to the public. She suddenly spots
her husand from afar dressed in a combination of
Native American and European clothing. Hester's
husband then talks to a local man about the
punishment inflicted on Hester. The man states that she has commited adultery and will not reveal
the baby's father's name. The man says her
punishment consists of wear a branded scarlet
letter, an "A", and to stand on the scaffold for
three hours. Governor Bellingham, Reverend
Wilson, and Reverend Dimmesdale then condemn
Hester for her sin and demand the name of the
other sinner. She answers by saying that her child
should seek a heavenly father and refuses to reveal
the name of the child's father. She is escorted
back into the jail after the three hours are up. Day 1 Hester's husband visits the jail. He
tells the jailer that he can make her
more respectible to authority. After a
short conversation between the two men,
he visits Hester in her cell. At this point
he reveals his name to be Roger
Chillingworth. He gives her some medicine
that he says will calm her down. The couple
then discuss the situation about the baby's
father, but Hester still refuses to name him.
Chillingworth states that he will have his
revenge someday. Hester calls him "The
Black Man" and says he will never find
out. Day 2 3 Months-1/2 a year Hester is released from jail and
obtains the occupation of needleworking.
She is very skilled at the trait, but is shunned
by the community. Pearl is introduced more
in this part of the story. Pearl is described as
"product of a sin" and "an imp of evil".
Her name is given to her because Hester said
that she was "purchased with all Hester had-
her mother's only treasure". 2 years Pearl is now three and is still cast
as a demon child. The townspeople
believe that Pearl should be taken away
from Hester. Hester decides to visit
Governor Bellingham mansion to plead her
case about keeping Pearl. Hester begs
Dimmesdale to speak in her defense. He talks
to Bellingham and tells him that God sent Pearl
as a blessing and a curse. The Governor grants
Hester permission to keep Pearl. Chillingworth has kept his identity a
secret since he has arrived in Boston.
He takes on the roll of a doctor and is
accepted by the community. Dimmesdale
started having heart trouble and
Chillingworth decides to help the
reverend by staying with him. Chillingworth
has suspicion that Dimmesdale is Pearl's
father but is not sure. He continues to play
mind games with the Reverend, but Dimmesdale
goes on to make his greatest sermons of his career.
Dimmesdale's guilt of his sin is destorying him inside,
and he starts having visions. The most notable vision
is when he stands on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl
and a meteor shoots through the sky in the shape of an
"A". The Reverend states that the "A" means Angel. 2 1/2 years 6 Years Pearl is now 7 years old and Hester is
now accepted in the community.
She is no longer associated with
"Adulterer" and now her scarlet "A"
is interpretted to mean "Able". Her demeanor
has now changed from tender and passionate to
a harsh, bare outline of her former self. Chillingworth
has turned into the embodiment of evil and continues
to torture Dimmesdale. Hester goes to visit Chillingworth
and begs him to stop torturing the Reverend. He refuses
to, so Hester goes to Dimmesdale to reveal Chillingworth's
identity. She meets the Reverend in the woods and discusses the true identity of Chillingworth. After they talk
about the doctor, they discuss moving to Europe. Hester calls Pearl over to meet her father. Dimmesdale goes to
Chillingworth and tells him he is no longer needed. Hester,
Pearl, and Dimmesdale go to the square and the Reverend
tells the community what he did. Many Years Later Dimmesdale dies after his soul has been rested. Chillingworth dies about a year after Dimmesdale. Hester and Pearl disappear shortly after Chillingworth dies and then separate. Pearl still sends letters to her mother. After a couple years of being separated, Hester eventually dies. She is buried with Dimmesdale and a "A" is placed on their headstone.
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