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Fandoms explained

No description

Elinor Loring

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Fandoms explained

FANDOMS The word "fan" may come from the word fanatic But!! I want to explain a few things about fan culture If extreme nerds or fans freak you out GET OVER IT!!!!!

because just like everyone else we are subjected to stereotypes and bullying You know how little kids go through phases where they really like something? Like a TV show or a movie, and they won't stop watching it over and over, and ask you to buy every toy or game on the planet that has to do with that thing, and they'll quote it constantly and want to dress up as their favorite character? But eventually they grow up or grow out of those obsessions. Yeah ... But some people never grow out of that kind of stuff. As a fangirl myself, we like to obsess over things We like to dress up and buy toys, and other merchandise. it can be expensive and people find it..... Childish or Weird the problem with society is that we generalize we make assumptions about groups of people based on what one person might have done, rather than who someone is as a person. We group together people to make it easier to pass judgment on someone. You can't say that Nerds or fans are creepy guys or smelly and they just hang out in their parents basement. Because there's smelly guys and creepy guys EVERYWHERE. Some just happen to be attached to a group of people. But we enjoy every second of it! hey it could be worse.... right? I mean I guess I could be addicted to drugs or something. That might actually be cheaper I've been a fangirl my ENTIRE LIFE!!!! What can I say? I have an obsessive personality!!! I usually kept to myself any kind of obsession I had as a child because I was almost immediately judged by my peers. But more recently I've discovered this great thing called.... The Internet If you can't quite grasp the idea that someone can like something sooooo much that it actually "ruins" their life. This is how it works First the person discovers and enjoys the thing Then the person goes on the internet, and has fun finding out more about it... and people that feel the same way. Then the person becomes aware of the overwhelming perfection of this thing, and it becomes the main reason for their existence. The difference between a casual fan and a hardcore internet fan is really staggering. A casual fan will just enjoy the thing, while the hardcore one is rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. you've either spent the entire time reading this thinking. "wow she understands!!!"
or "I understood none of this,and now I'm scared." But whatever, who needs you real life people? Go back to doing productive things. Parents should even encourage their children to write fan fiction or draw fan art. Who knows, it could even be published. In conclusion I would like to thank you for reading this all the way through. Especially if you understood none of what I was talking about. Good for you! You get a gold star. But now you're probably freaked out and will try to avoid me as much as possible. but thanks anyway! Currently I've made friends that share the same goofy, nerdy personality that I have. We have so much fun we could honestly care less what people think of us. We like to attend conventions , or "cons" as we like to call them. And we go in costume which is called cosplay. Literally meaning a costume intended for fun,or role playing. Here are some exampls The internet is to blame for this huge explosion of fan culture.
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