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Mrs. Telfer's NYC Trip

No description

Mrs. Telfer

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Mrs. Telfer's NYC Trip

The Jade Hotel
We will stay here. It was perfect!
Statue of Liberty
This is the first place we will visit because it is historical and very cool.
NYC & Tourism
911 Memorial Fountain
I want to make sure I pay my respects at the location of one of the most tragic events in our country's recent history.
Restaurants to Go To
Why I Want to Go:
The purpose of our trip is for my daughter to see one of her favorite vionlists, Nicola Benedetti. I also want to visit places I've never been before.
New York City Trip
the new World Trace Center
The Tree That Survived
The Fountain
The surface that has the names engraved is heated -- so the snow won't cover the names of those lost on September 11, 2001.
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A view of NYC from the Statue of Liberty Island.
"Official dedication ceremonies for the Statue of Liberty were held on Thursday, October 28, 1886. President Grover Cleveland accepted the Statue on behalf of the United States" (Staff Writer, NYCTrip.com).
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Staff Writer (Pompello.com)
This statue was sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and was a gift to America from the French following the American Revolution. It was a group effort because the French built the statue, but the Americans built the pedestal. This was to help symolize the new friendship that was established between these two countries.
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As you can see from the chart, according to www.Statista.com, New York City holds the 5th spot out of the top ten cities in the world for tourism.
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(Prezi Images)
Time Square Outdoor Food Market
Lobster Rolls from
Red Hook Lobster Pound
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
NY Style Pizza from Elm Street Bakery
(Prezi Images)
Desserts from Carlos Bakery
Bagel Bites from
Bantam Bagels
on Bleeker Street
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar & Restaurant
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Staff Writer, MaxBrenner.com)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
(Prezi Images)
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(Prezi Images)
In Conclusion:
I really look forward to going on this trip. I had no idea how many different things there would be to do in NYC. Even though I have a plan, I'm sure there will be many other things I will decide to add to my trip when I get there.
Steve "Plate was supposed to be in his office on the 82nd floor of the North Tower when the attacks began 13 years ago. He wasn’t because he drove his son to school and then missed his usual train. Since then, it has been his mission to rebuild the site into something that would make New York City proud" (Margolin).
Margolin, Josh. "1 World Trade Center Opening Highlights Rebirth, Renewal Following 9/11 Attacks." ABC News. ABC News Network, 3 Nov. 2014. Web. 04 May 2015. <http://abcnews.go.com/US/world-trade-center-opening-highlights-rebirth-renewal-911/story?id=26649497>.
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