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Wilker Ballantine

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Wine

Wine in Society
The Arts/ Intellectual Development
In Conclusion...
Wine was a symbol of power in society, a metaphor for development in artistic and intellectual development and an important aspect of trade in ancient times. It is still regarded today as a favorite drink of choice.
"A History of the World in 6 Glasses"
"The Delight of Wine"
-9000-4000 BCE- Wine was first produced

-6000 BCE- Pottery was first invented

-5400 BCE- The earliest physical evidence of wine

-785 BCE- Tablets from this time show that wine was being rationed to 6 thousand people in the royal
household of Arabia

-5th Century BCE- Greek wine was being exported far and wide

-430 BCE- Long distance trade of wine over water was recorded by a Greek historian

-146 BCE- The peninsula of Italy became the biggest producer of wine

- Wine was widely affordable in
Greek islands
and mainland.
-Wine never became widely affordable
outside wine-producing areas.
Symposion- Was an all male aristocratic ritual that took place in a andron
Many artistic and intellectual developments happened the symposiums
“It was drunk at formal drinking parties, or symposia, which were venues for
playful but adversarial discussion in which drinkers would try to outdo each other in wit, poetry, or rhetoric.” (Page52 The Cradle of western thought)

Many Greek Myths included the subject of wine in association with the gods.
Thucydides, who was a Greek writer was one of the ancient world's best historians stated, “the peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learnt to cultivate the olive and the vine.”
Plato and Xenophon both fictional works called Symposium.

-Not drinking wine at all was just as bad as drinking it undiluted.
-Use of the appropriate wine
drinking equipment
, furniture, and dress show the drinker's sophistication.
-Particularly Popular was a
drinking game
called "Kottabos."

-Not drinking wine at all was just as bad as drinking it undiluted.
-Use of the appropriate wine
drinking equipment
, furniture, and dress show the drinker's sophistication.
-Wine was widely affordable in the greek islands and mainland
-Wine never became affordable outside of wine producing areas

- Wine was considered the expensive beer

- If you served wine at parties, it showed that you had a lot of wealth.

- If wine was being traded through the mountains, it would cost ten times then it would normally cost.

- When wine was being shipped by boat, it was an extremely cheap way of being traded

- Wine was seen all through out Greece since Greece had all the money.

- "To Rich and Poor alike hath he granted the delight of wine, that makes all pain to cease." Playwright Euripides
Plato, as well as other philosophers used symposium as a time to debate politics and share their political views.
- Zagroa Mountains
Wine Pottery In Egypt
Areas Where Wine Was Popular
The Trading route of wine by Sea

king Ashurnasirpal of Assyria
Criteria of an Upper class Wine drinker
-Proper equipment/dress/furniture
Picture of Wine trade starting from Mesopotamia
"Wine became a Symbol of social differentiation, a mark of the wealth and status of the drinker'' pg.75
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