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How does J.K Rowling inspire others?

No description

Olivia Simpson

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of How does J.K Rowling inspire others?

By: Olivia Simpson How Does J.K Rowling Influence Others? Intro Thesis How J.K Rowling encourages. Most children these days don't like to read. Parents
often complain that their children never touch a book.
This is probably because in today's world, everything is
technology based. Fortunately, J.K Rowling's series of
Harry Potter gives children the need or desire to read. The books are very intriguing and keep you wanting more. How J.K Rowling is a role model
for young women. Before J.K Rowling made it big, she encountered
many bumps in the road. Her real name was not to be revealed because her publisher felt young boys would not read her writing because the author was
a woman. Though this sounds strange, Rowling was denied a lot of her writing due to the fact she was a woman. However, years later J.K Rowling is as
successful as ever! Woman are often looked down
upon as people think we can't do the same things as men, but J.K Rowling made her mark as a successful
and it inspires women to do the same. How J.K Rowling inspires teens Teens all over the world are inspired by J.K
Rowling's determination and generosity.
Rowling has donated to many charities and
auctions. Many of Rowling's books are reminders to teens that reading is still fun. Her boos also inspire teens to write. Rowling's Harry Potter books have rekindled the world's love for reading.
J.K Rowling has inspired many people
through her novels. To be specific, Harry Potter stories. These books have inspired women, parents and most importantly young teens. J.K Rowling is an inspirational writer because she encourages children, creates a strong role model for women, and shares her imagination and generosity with growing teens and charities. Conclusion An inspiration can go a long way and change a lot of people's lives. J.K Rowling has inspired all kinds of people from young to old. She also reminds people of how fun reading is. Rowling is an all around inspiration and most people see her as hero. Works Cited - Oak, Manali. "Facts about J. K. Rowling." Web log post. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2012.
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