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How Close Are We to the Kingdom of Heaven?

No description

Wesley House

on 29 January 2017

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Transcript of How Close Are We to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Fulfillment of 1st Passover in Egypt
1st Passover in Egypt
Israelites Lost in Desert
3rd Passover- Plains of Jericho
The Kingdom of Heaven?
How close is . . .

Israelites were in Slavery in Egypt
To free Israelites from Egypt, God directed them to keep the Passover
2nd Passover in Sinai
God directed the Israelites to keep the Passover as a lasting ordinance
Initially, the Israelites followed God’s direction
Israelites stopped keeping the Passover
Israelites became lost in desert
God reminded the Israelites to keep the Passover
The very next day, the Israelites entered Canaan
Canaan, Land of Promise
What was key to them entering the Canaan?
Whole journey from Egypt to Canaan was directed through the Passover
All humans are slaves to sin
Jesus gave us forgiveness of sins through the Passover
If we keep the Passover, we are promised eternal life
Fulfillment of 2nd Passover in Sinai
Jesus set an example that the disciples should keep the Passover
Initially, the Christians were faithful in keeping the Passover
Why did God give us the Old Testament?
It is a prophecy of the things to come Hebrews Ch. 10, v.1
Fulfillment of Israelites lost in the Desert
Gradually Christians began following pagan customs rather than keeping Passover
In the year 325AD, the Passover was abolished
Many Christians are unable to understand how to enter heaven
Fulfillment of Third Passover
Christ must come a second time in order to restore the Passover
Since the Passover has been restored, we know that the second coming Christ already came
Fullfillment of Canaan

In the Old testament once Passover was brought back, how long did it take to enter Canaan?
Once second coming restores the Passover, we can enter Heaven very soon!
How long will it take for Kingdom of Heaven to come?
Matthew 24:34 "This generation will not pass away until everything is fulfilled"
Joshua Ch. 5, v. 10- "The very next day, they ate some of the produce from the land"
Exodus Ch. 12 v. 5
Numbers Ch. 9 v. 1
Joshua Ch. 5 v. 2
Matthew Ch. 26, v. 26
1 Corinthians Ch. 11, v. 23
Isaiah Ch. 25, v. 9- "In that day, they will say surely this is our God"
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