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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens - Summative Presentation

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Assan Omar

on 21 January 2011

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Transcript of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens - Summative Presentation

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Summative - Assan Omar "I have the power" My Proactive & Reactive decisions about my high school sports ordeal.

My usual tone of language with my parents.
Also the my virus during that time. (The Victimitis Virus) Last but not least all my possitive learning experiences during that whole ordeal.

How I turned that setback into Triumph.
My noticible rewards to look at other setbacks and use them as an opportunity to GROW. My Reactive Choices I totally went in to "hyper-blaming mode"

Became totally lost with the world around me

I went home to my parents and got way too angry and frustraded

Went all out with my friends and just talked about how stupid the coach
was and how this was all favoritism.

I went into hiding and tried to ignore the issue but it was to hard to forget such a issue. My Proactive Choices I talked to my parents about the issue
and how I was so hurt by it.

I talked to Mr.Jones and PK about the issue

I took my time to really understand things
and try to move on.

I kept practicing the sport with others. Like indoor
soccer at lunch.

Also I used other things like Parkour to get my mind of
the issue. My Victimitis Virus

Besides feeling like a victim I totally blamed the coach for
not doing his job and picking the right people needed, I complained
alot without trying to cop with the issue and move on, and just become
totally offeneded by the choices the coach made. My tone of lanaguage with my parents. When my parents tell me to do something I totally ignore or forget unwilling.

I forget to eat my breakfest almost every morning and most of the time coming back from school,
my mom tells me if I did eat my breakfest but I mostly ignore of to make her feel better say yes.

Most of the time espically dealing with my homework I ignore their mulitiple requests to have me do
my homework but I totally procrastinate after.

The Way I talk

Did you finish your homework ? - Almost done yea....(but really didn't even start)

How you doing in school? - I am doing fine don't worry about it ( really I am doing poorly but I dont want them involed with anything school realated)

Why are you chatting online at this time of night and not doing you homework at 1 am ASSAN ( in kurdish) -
I really have to talk to them though ( in kurdish) - ( But really I just choose to) My wonderful possitive gains through troubling times with my parents and issues I face. Even during this whole process of doing this whole thing about my ton with my parents made me greatly appreciate how patient they are with me and still love me no matter what. Habit 1 :) Habit 2 "My end of mind" Why I put up that image. I like this idea of Mission Statments.. Creating a mission statment is a goal of mine.

I have been relating to this chapter because of "The Crossroads of life" Having all these different paths I can take is very chanllenging because of the following...

Beening in a time where your feeling free and willing to try new things

Parents pressuring you to keep on track

Peer pressure


Will you drink, somk or, do drugs

Having sex before marriage Key No. 3: Just Do it!

Second topic I relate to

Why I want to just DO something but... Parkour - Goals into Action My ways of taking action I have started working out

Have gotten profession training

Have improved my self while doing what I like HABIT 3 The Time Quadrants 1 - The Procrastinator

Essays being done last mintue

Study vs Social life at Lunch

2- Prioritizing

It's easy to just prioritze things but...

3-The Yes Man

I dont worry about peoples small problems

I try not to worry about peer pressure but...

I say Yes to most things but become challenging.

4- Slacker

I am a very good time waster (sadly)

I do go out alot with my firends.... Never Let Your Fears Make Your Decisions Old habit like procrastinating is hard to break...

Delevoping a new skill like Parkour is very hard

Asking the one and only is very very stresseful but...
Pick up a Planner I want to actaully use my planner

I want to become more organized

My goal in 2011 will be to take more notes
and actually use my planner for my school
and life. Habit 4 Win- Lose - THE TOTEM POLE I compare myself alot to others concerning my marks.

I fell threatened when I am the in the bottom of the totem pole

I think I should take into consideration that this is not a good way to
work in a school setting..

My goals on how I would change this are..

Do my best and not compare

Feel okay with my mark and try to improve... WIN-WIN My ways are WIN-WIN

I care about people that I am close to succeed as well.

I believe there's plenty of success to go around...

My story to this between friends
and when working on projects....

Other Goals to this that I will take in to action are.. Working with others which can give us a great advantage

I want to be more competitive so I would be able to able to do work Habit 5 One of the biggest issues I have is...

I greatly judge others when listening to them.

I make totally no true judgements

People totally get me wrong because of me judging them....

Out of all these goals I have for 2011 this is probably at the top..

I really need to actually then think then talk back nicely.. Body Language

When talking to people I look like I am
really listening.

It seems to them that I have my full
attention on them even when I dont

I have my whole body pasture facing to them but..

But when it comes to words I reply with questions
or I try to solve something instead of just listening Most of the girls always see
the annoying & mostly judgmently
side of me... Habit 6 - Synergize

I always try to find the out the problem

Second, I mostly try to understand the ideas of the others

Third, seek to be understood by sharing my ideas

Fourth,Brainstorming and creating options and ideas

And the last thing is where I and others find the best solution.

I do this kind of action plan when I am working on projects with others. It's effective but sometimes their are indivuals that don't pay attention. I am more of a Harmonizer I provide encouragement as I work with others

Encourage cooperation

Provide unity and support

During games like a soccer match I encourage my team to get hyped, encourage cooperation and support them when were lossing or having difficult situations Lately I have been back tracking alittle..

I have been less willing to work in groups ...

I know sometimes I need to work independently but...

I will get back on track hopefully for 2011. I will get involed more
with the LinkCrew prospective and generally working with others. The thing I relate to is "Getting to Synergy-Action Plan" I will take the necessary actions to get working on my
Parkour skills , breaking my procrastinating with the help of the other habits like just doing things and using a planner , and also be become more open and not shy to ask the one... "Sharpen your life ASSAN!" HABIT 7 Caring for my body Caring for my body is very important

I am going to increase every concept of my life

I will greatly have improve my sleeping patterns , eat healthy have more breakfeast meals, sleep well hope to get more than 8 hours of sleep, relax more and not worry about things...


I aming to read more books than I have this year

I am aming to learn new skills with my Parkour training

I am ready and on task to start my new subjects for next semster Heart

I am really aming to build more realtionships with more friends and find new friends.

Also I am still aming and going to go even more but staying in the Community Tenants Association because I like helping the community alot. Soul

I have been thinking of reading the "Quran" and
really understanding my parents religon deeply.

I am going to start writing poems and make saying
posters with photoshop to motivate people. My Goals on Sharpening my mind even more..

Going to Germany in the summer of 2011 and hopefully can travel around Europe and learn about each individual country , it's cultures, people and way of life.

I am really aiming to learn how to play a Turkish cultural flute, Also I'll probably research tutorials on the internet and learn from there slowly.

Also I am greatly happy that I have the christmas break to rest and create videos about the life of citizens back in kurdistan when I visit in this summer. I never really plan for the future besides planning
for around a 6 month period a least and mostly
I always change pathways but at the sametime
I like that.
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