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Yo-Yo invention

No description

Olivia Stock

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Yo-Yo invention

The Yo-Yo :)
By:Olivia Stock
Bryn Layer Yo-yo invention Innovations The yo-yo was first made of
Terra-Cotta made by the ancient Greeks.
Around the 1920's it was later made of
Then the first plastic yo-yo was
made in the 1950's. Terra-cotta wood Plastic Yo-Yo Summary Our artifact is the yo-yo. The purpose of the
yo-yo is to entertain. The original yo-yo was made out
of Terra cotta by the ancient Greeks. The Greeks made
the Terra cotta yo-yo around 500 b.c. however, the modern
yo-yo wasn't invented for more than 2,000 years later! It was used to entertain children originally and today. The yo-yo was
made of Terra cotta, then wood and today it is sold in
metal or plastic. Facts! The yo-yo is the 2nd
oldest toy in the world. Yo-Yo means Come-Come. How has the yo-yo impacted
Society in a positive way? The yo-yo impacted society in a
positive way by having people play
with the yo-yo for a past time. Their
are yo-yo competition held today. "Life is a yo-yo, and mankind
ties knots in the string." Production How did the yo-yo affect
society negatively? Science Technology

Math Engineering When you hold the yo-yo
it has the potential to fall
as well as the potential
to spin due to the string. The ancient greeks made
the first yo-yo.
Later in the 1920s it was
made out of wood
Today the yo-yo is made of
plastic. The yo-yo is acted on by
gravity and by tension in
the string that produces
a spinning motion. The engineers had to design the
wood and plastic yo-yo. They
needed to make sure that the
spools were the same size.
The ancient greeks didn't
have paper back
then. Our artifact is
classified as a: Playing with the Yo-Yo can cause wrist
problems and arthritis. Different Yo-Yo tricks Itzy bitzy baby
Walk the dog
Roller coaster
Drop the bucket
Eiffel tower
loop the loop
Shoot the moon
Worm hole
Hop the fence Motorcycle
Rock the baby
Tidal wave
Forward pass
Double or nothing
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