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Branching Out with the OWL: Using the Excelsior College OWL to Support Writing in the Disciplines

This short Prezi provides tips on using the Excelsior College OWL in the disciplines.

Crystal Sands

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Branching Out with the OWL: Using the Excelsior College OWL to Support Writing in the Disciplines

Providing a foundation...
More Than Introductory Writing Support
Rhetorical Flexibility
so you can branch out!
Something for Everyone
Learning to Write in a Variety of Situations
The OWL emphasizes the importance of flexibility in writing and that there is no one "right" way to write, giving students some basic rhetorical tools to analyze any writing situation and make good decisions.
Clear Writing
Practical Advice on Grammar, Punctuation,
and Common Errors
Students who need support at the sentence level can find warm, helpful instruction in the Grammar Essentials area of the OWL. This area features comprehensive support for everything from subject-verb agreement errors to comma issues. The content also explains the relative nature of correctness, teaches students awareness of common errors, and gives students opportunities to practice in authentic ways.
Interactive APA, MLA, and Chicago Support
The documentation area of the OWL features visually-organized reference information, videos, quizzes, and clear examples.
Branching Out with the OWL: Using the Excelsior College OWL to Support Writing in the Disciplines
Source Integration
Digital Writing
The Excelsior College OWL provides comprehensive support for beginning writers, but writers do not have to be enrolled in a writing class to benefit from the OWL's resources. The engaging, media-rich instruction in the OWL can benefit all students.
With support in seven major areas of writing, there are resources in the OWL for students writing in all disciplines. While the OWL plans to grow to support specific WID content, resources already available can make a big difference to writers in all courses!
Content Areas in the OWL
Detailed Instruction on Writing with Sources
The Locating Information & Writing with Sources area of the OWL offers scaffolded, interactive instruction on writing a paper that requires sources. If any kind of writing with source material is required in a course, many lessons in this area can offer support for students.
This support can help both beginning writers and more advanced writers struggling with the finer points of style guidelines.
Writing in the 21st Century
The Digital Writing area of the OWL offers support for digital writing projects, which is essential as multimedia projects are likely to appear in courses across the disciplines. The OWL provides coverage in the following areas:
Discussion Posts
Online Journals
Social Media
Web Pages
Photo Essays
Video Essays
Want more information?
If you would like more information on using the Excelsior College OWL in your classes, check out these helpful videos or contact Crystal Sands at crystal_sands@excelsior.edu. And visit our OWL at owl.excelsior.edu!
using the OWL in the disciplines
general overview of the OWL
Crystal Sands, PhD
Excelsior College

*This webinar was made possible with contributions from alumni and faculty to the Faculty Development Fund of the Excelsior College Annual Campaign.
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