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Ben & Jerry's: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Alexa Duchesneau

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Ben & Jerry's: Corporate Social Responsibility

Casey Gover
Alexa Duchesneau
Julianne Zeff Corporate Social Responsibility Overall View on Corporate Social Responsibility "There's a whole lot of cause-related marketing out there, which I'm not a big fan of. Companies will hook up with a politically correct charity for a while, but never take a stand on a real political issue. They may be active politically, but it's all in their own economic self-interest and usually covert." - Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben and Jerry's) Occupy Movement Mission Statement Ben and Jerry’s separates their corporate mission into three separate statements: Ben and Jerry’s tries to better the quality of life of people locally, nationally, and around the globe. Social Mission - Ben and Jerry’s strives to produce the highest quality of ice cream using natural and wholesome ingredients. The company is also mindful of sustaining and respecting the Earth. Product Mission - Ben and Jerry’s is always working to increase the value of their company for stakeholders. It tries to expand the opportunities available to its employees for career and development growth. Economic Mission - Environmental Protection Ben and Jerry’s is aware the issues that accompany global climate change and are looking for ways to omit the use of greenhouse gases from their practices. They use energy efficient technologies to make their products and offset all emissions by working with NativeEnergy . Fun Fact! Their new containers reduced their waste by 1,000 tons annually. Vermont/Local Products (Fair Trade) - The eggs purchased for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the United States comes from hens on Certified Humane cage-free farms - For over 20 years, the 500-plus family farmers of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery in Vermont have been partners of Ben and Jerry’s and primary suppliers of milk and cream. Since 1993, they've have continuously supplied the company with dairy from cows that have not been treated with the genetically-engineered hormone, rBGH. - Ben & Jerry's is committed to sourcing Fair Trade Certified ingredients for all of its products where they can positively impact the farmers’ livelihoods. What is fair trade? Fair Trade farmers agree to use environmentally sound farming practices, implement fair working standards, and invest in their communities Vermont Community Action & Partnershop Program Under Peace & Justice - Each individual Ben & Jerry's volunteers to do community service for large - scale projects in their communities. - Ben & Jerry's donates ice cream to charity events to help them celebrate their accomplishments! Community Action Partnershop Program -Partnershops are independently owned scoop shops that are owned by nonprofit organizations.
-This helps the nonprofit organizations make money and become more successful than they otherwise would be.
-The franchise fee is waived for these shops.
-Ben & Jerry's helps these businesses get on their feet and organize their events.
-They train underprivileged teenagers to become entrepreneurs.
- They are not currently accepting new partnershops. Employee Benefits/Livable Wage -Ben & Jerry's is committed to putting their employees on their feet in terms of payment. They believe their employees should afford: - Housing
- Health care
-Savings -They decide how much their employees need to be paid based on the expense to live in Vermont.
-Every year this is approximately double the minimum wage of the United States. -Ben & Jerry's support the nonviolent Occupy Wall Street Movement.
-They believe that the media only focuses on the people that are pepper sprayed and the violence rather than the problem at hand.
-Ben & Jerry's wants to focus on the strife and hard-comings of the people involved in the movement. -To support the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Ben & Jerry's pays their workers high wages, support local farms, and support local businesses.
- Support for a Constitutional amendment that would limit corporate spending in elections.
- Support for stronger social and environmental protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
- Support for the Youth PROMISE Act, which funds proven youth violence prevention programs.
- Support for continued funding for the United States Institute of Peace.
- Support for continued funding for the Complex Crises Fund which supports State Department emergency efforts to defuse volatile conflicts around the globe.
- Support for aggressive federal legislation to limit and reduce carbon emissions to respond to the challenge of climate change.
- Opposition to FDA approval of foods from cloned animals.
- Support for a USDA program to require mandatory tracking of cloned animals in the food supply to support consumer choice.
- Opposition to FDA approval of genetically engineered animals in the food supply.
- Support for the right of dairy companies to label their products as being ‘rBGH-free.’
- Support for the United Nations Millennium Development goals to eradicate extreme poverty and inequality. Positions on Activist Matters: Nuclear Weapon Awareness - Bean & Jerry's took a year long national tour on the cost of United States defense.

- Do you know how much is spent on nuclear weapons?

- Where else could this money be used? Welfare "Get the Dough Out" - "Get the Dough Out" is a campaign for the interest of the people.
- 1/2 billion dollars are spent by private companies and groups on political campaigns.
- "The voice of the regular folk is being drowned out." BOOM Foundation - Ben & Jerry's awards 1.8 million to organizations in Vermont and the US.
- The program must be led by Ben and Jerry's employee's.
- The foundation is made up of five grant programs. FIN
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