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Chicago Bulls

No description

Tyler Vasquez

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls
Interesting Facts
The Chicago Bulls were founded in 1966.
The Bulls are the only team to win 70 games in one season.
The Bulls have made it to the playoffs 29 times
The Bull helped spread the popularity of basketball.
The colors of the Chicago Bulls is


and black.
By estimate the Bulls have about $600 million.
Derrick Rose was the youngest player to receive the NBA MVP award in 2011.

Chicago Bulls MVP
The all time player for the Chicago Bulls is Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan won 6 MVP awards in his championships.
Michael Jordan is known for the height that he can jump.
Michael Jordan started playing in the NBA in 1984.
When Michael Jordan started playing in the NBA, he was 21.
Michael Jordan can jump 4 feet in the air.
Michael Jordan is 6ft 6in.
Jordan's rivals are Isiah Thomas, John Stark, Reggie Miller, and Dominique Wilkins.
Why they don't like him is because he beat them in the basketball game.
Michael Jordan has won six rings of his own.
Chicago Bulls Now
Now the best player for Chicago Bulls is Derick Rose.
Derrick Rose won 3 MVP awards so far.
The Chicago Bulls won 45 out of 82 games this year.
Chicago Bulls Trophies
The Chicago Bulls have entered the championships 8 times total.
The Chicago Bulls won the championships 6 out of 8 times.
All of the championships that they have won was led by Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippin, and coach Phil Jackson.
Derrick Rose's All Time Dunk
What Prezi Can Do
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The Chicago Bulls is a basketball team.
About Prezi
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Prezi uses a camera that can zoom in.
While zoomed in, you can add texts in that zoomed in place.
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More Interesting Facts
The Chicago Bulls mascot is Benny the Bull.
Benny the Bull is 6ft 6in and he weighs 375 pounds.
Benny is the fifth favorite mascot.
The Coach
The Coach for the Chicago Bulls now is Tom Thibodeau.
Tom Thibodeau is 56 years old.

Founder of the Chicago Bulls
The founder of the Chicago Bulls is Dick Klein.
Dick found the team in 1966.
He was born on February 11, 1934, and died at the age of 80.
Klein owned the Chicago Bulls for the first five years.
Then Dick Klein sold the Bulls to Cicago and the Bulls became the Chicago Bulls.
What is a Ring?
A ring is a ring that you can only get when the team wins the championships.
The only way that a person to get the ring, is the person is the MVP of the hole year, and they won the team won the championship.
What is a ring?
What is a Ring?
A ring is a ring that you only get when you win the championship in basketball.
the team gets the ring, the only way for a person in the league to get the ring is if they are the MVP of the whole year and they have to win the championship.
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