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Evernote--Recap of GaETC

Discusses how to use Evernote using tips from Lisa Fisher's presentation at GaETC. Edit

Theresa Quilici

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Evernote--Recap of GaETC

Capture Anything Text: Save PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Drive files, web articles, or type right into Evernote (may attach as a link)



Audio Sending Via Email All accounts come with a free email.
Send an email to this account to save to Evernote (Hint: add it to your contacts).
@tag would put it in a folder named "tag"
#hashtag would tag it "hashtag," and #awesome would tag it as "awesome"

Emailing content with @tag #awesome would create a new note containing the content of email, add it to a folder named "tag," and tag it "awesome." To Organize Content & Instruction Evernote for Everyone Sync Across All Devices Windows, Mac OS

Smart Phones

Web version

iPad and other tablets Features Create new folders, move notes

Tag notes for easier searching

Search on any text

Share whole folders (Premium) and
notes with others to collaborate. Web Clipper and Evernote Clearly On a PC or Mac Evernote Peek for iOS Turn your notes into study materials
Similar to flashcards.
Great for reviewing concepts.

You can also search premade notebooks. Skitch In the Classroom Evernote:
Use to organize resources such as web sites, primary source documents, save articles for offline reading.

Study aid. Flashcard-like skills practice.
Create and use Notebooks from
Evernote or search for pre-made notebooks.

Annotate images, text, web clips, diagrams, etc. Good for Read, Write, Talk, taking notes, or demonstrating new concepts. From Camera or Camera Roll Performs text recognition on any image scanned or photographed Add audio to any note Windows Phone Blackberry Nokia iPhone Android Online, anywhere iPad Google Nexus 7 Available for Kindle Fire Download from https://evernote.com/ To move a note, select the folder Click on tags to sort
Clearly is a plug-in that
works with all browsers.

Read content without ads
or other distractions. No Smart Cover Required Choose a color Select images, photo, or web pages

Annotate with shapes, pen, text arrows, callouts

Save everything to Evernote

Free--iOS, Android, Mac
and now Windows Automatically saves to the
Skitch Folder in Evernote For questions or more information, email Theresa Quilici
tquilici@rcs.rome.ga.us or call x1424 Thank you! Please fill out an evaluation.
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