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Civics Pictionary

No description

David W

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Civics Pictionary

Someone who elects others to make decisions for them.
Executive Branch
The branch of government that enforces laws. It is made up of the Presidency and everyone under him.
Judicial Branch
The branch of government that interprets the laws to make sure they are constitutional.
Legislative Branch
The branch of government that makes laws. It's made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, or Congress.

The heads of the different departments under the President like Dep. of Agriculture, Homeland Security, etc. They are also secretaries to the President.
Civics Pictionary
The front of the Capitol Building
In the process of law-making, the Legislative Branch starts the process by writing a bill.
U.S. Constitution
Checks and Balances
Capitol Hill
Chief Justice
Bill of Rights
The front of the White House
Obama was re-elected President a.k.a the head of the executive branch
The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
People stopped adding amendments to the Bill of Rights after ten
The most important laws in the U.S. and guidelines for how to run our country.
We have to follow the Constitution to be good citizens.
The hill that the Capitol Building sits on, in Washington D.C.
During the 7th grade trip to D.C. we went to Capitol Hill and toured the Capitol Building.
The body of the Legislative branch, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Recently Congress was on lock down because the two parties couldn't decide on a budget for the government.
The Supreme Court doesn't accept many cases because they get many appeals that aren't important to them.
One of the nine Supreme Court justices. He recites the oath of office to the president at his inauguration.
The Cheif Justice must be appointed by the president and the current one is John G. Rogers.
A presidential power to reject a bill from Congress. It can be overridden with a 2/3 vote from Congress.
President Obama must have vetoed lots of bills in his first two years because according to whitehouse.gov, no laws were passed at that time.
A document offered by Congress to the President. If signed it becomes a law.
Congress passed a bill about how much food can be in one container, but the President vetoed it.
Congress is thinking of adding a new department to the cabinet but the President will have to appoint the head.
The system of making sure that one branch of government doesn't have too much power by giving each branch powers over the others.
Checks and balances is a very effective system but it may not be obvious to most people.
To confirm or approve a document.
When all the states ratified the Constitution, the U.S. was born and we started to deal with the problems of an infant country.
My parents are constituents for the President and for the representatives of Georgia.
A rule/guideline to make sure that everyone behaves well and that everything is in order.
Some people are unhappy with some of the laws in our country, but the laws keep our country safe.
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