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Google Think Conference - Warsaw 2013

No description

Amanda Richardson

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Google Think Conference - Warsaw 2013

Distribution of Students in HarvardX Online Classes
The Best Talent May Not Live In Your Town
source: Fortune, Wikipedia, Prezi internal
With Technology, It Doesn't Matter
Google Docs
Concentration of Researchers Worldwide
Fun Fact: Distribution of People Worldwide
About Prezi
The Best Companies
hire the best people
build a vision give autonomy
ignore boundaries
CTO, Co-founder
CEO, Co-founder
Artist, Co-founder
Launched in 2009 in Budapest...and San Francisco
Worldwide investors
Multinationals Re:Defined
million users
Prezilians (employees)
countries with users
best people
vision and autonomy
around the world
(cash, offices, plants, equipment inventories, etc.)
95% fixed assets
(goodwill, brands, intellectual property, etc.)
45% intangible assets
People Are Your Company's Assets
hiring the best people is a key element to being a leading workplace
Investing in People Increases Financial Returns
source: Jim Stengel (of Procter & Gamble)
source: Great Place to Work Institute
Proactively Look for Talent
Hiring the Best People at Prezi
source: Prezi internal
maintain a presence where the best people are
go out to the best people:
conferences, industry events
invite people to engage with your whole company:
speak at Prezi, assessment week
Screen Thoroughly
provide great experiences:
fellowships, continuing education, flexible work hours
Create a Win-Win
create a situation that solves for what you really need
focus on what's most important:
get the best people working with you, which may not be in your office
decisions based on data, not rank or process
Create a Clear Vision
source: Fortune, Wikipedia
Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose at Prezi
source: Prezi internal
6 month team plans with semi-annual results reporting
outcomes not outputs
conference attendance
aim for 200 million prezi creators and over 2 billion prezi viewers
celebrate idea sharing
live the values (@forum, speak at conferences, open source)
People Are Intrinsically Motivated--Leverage It!
source: Daniel Pink "Drive", Fortune, Wikipedia
vision: help people capture and share the moments they love
13 employees
1 product
$1 billion
move fast, experiment
decisions based on meetings, heavy management direction and approval
vision: help people capture and share the moments they love
10,000 employees
100s of products
move slow, commit too early
External motivating forces (i.e. money) will reduce intrinsic motivation and may reduce overall performance--especially for jobs where creativity and problem solving is more important than repetitive processes.
desire to direct our own lives
urge to get better
yearning to be part of something larger than ourselves
increased operating profit as employee experience improved
lower turnover for companies with better employee experiences
higher stock market returns for companies with happier employees
12+ languages in code base
prio1 celebrations
users, data, & research > me-search
no bonuses
research shows university employees with intrinsic goals had higher levels of satisfaction and lower anxiety
Harvard MBAs have created their own Hippocratic oath
Companies are allowing self-organization of initiatives and projects (GitHub, Gore-Tex)
mastery is a mindset. you must believe it is attainable.
mastery is painful, but the pain makes the achievement rewarding.
mastery is asymptopic and never fully realized.
four areas to give employees autonomy:
task, time, techniques, team
don't be limited by artificial boundaries. hire good people. leave them alone.
research shows small businesses who give employees autonomy grew their businesses 4x faster
lack of discretion at work is the main explanation for declining productivity and job satisfaction (uk researcher)
Work Where Most Effective
Ignoring Boundaries at Prezi
source: Prezi internal
Work in a Common Language
Accept Flexible Hours

Visit Often
Invest in Technology
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