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Palagyan ng gumagalaw effect at kung may gusto ka pa ayusin, GO! :) Feel free.

CamilleLovely Iledan

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of TPAD REPORT

General Nakar
is the northernmost municipality of Quezon Province
It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Dingalan, Aurora, on the east by Polilio Strait, on the south by the municipalities of Real and Infanta, Quezon, and on the west by the Provinces of Rizal, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija.
General Nakar is the largest municipality of Quezon Province with 161,640 hectares land area.
It was named General Nakar in honor of lhe late General Guillermo Nakar who is a native of the place and one of the heroes of the last World War II.
The late Agripino Quinto was the first mayor appointed and his councilors were only four.
The town of Infanta, Quezon, is the mother municipality of General Nakar.
General Nakar was formerly Barrio Pamplona and the whole town of General Nakar was Distrito Pelagio of the Municipality of Infanta, Quezon.
• The chief products of the municipality are coconuts, corn and rice.
Its forest products are lumber, almaciga and rattan.
> occurs during the months of November, December, January and February, the rest have fair weather.
The minorities are locally called DUMAGATS who live in the mountains and along the seashores of Pacific Ocean.

Sitio MASAÑGA of Barrio Canaway is the historical place of General Nakar, Quezon. This place was the hideout of the first Anderson Batallion Guerilla during the Japanese Occupation (World War - II).
American submarine, battle ships and airplanes through the commands of U.S. Commander in the Pacific Area unload food, clothing was supplied in this sitio for the support of Guerilla Movements in the municipality and neighboring towns.
The municipality of General Nakar is denied of modern means of transportation facilities and isolated from other towns because of dangerous Agos River separating General Nakar from the town of Infanta, Quezon.
Usual Route
135 kilometers from Manila is General Nakar, Province of Quezon.
We took the Marikina – Infanta route, also known as MARILAQUE hiway.

From Marcos hiway, go straight all the way to Sampaloc, Tanay. The roads here are newly cemented and asphalted. You will encounter minor potholes due to rains, but very minimal.

General Nakar is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 24,895. This is the biggest municipality in the province.
• The best-known tourist destination in Gen. Nakar, says Municipal Tourism Officer Kareen R. Leynes, is Tulaog Cave, which is near Tulaog Beach. It is actually a cluster of caves which is 1 ½ hours by boat from the town proper.

The Dumagats were believed to be the first known residents of General Nakar. A cemetery near the property of Andres Miras is believed to be for the dumagats, who have placed markers on the gravesite of their people. The Dumagats left the site for the mountains when Christians started settling in the area.
The municipality of Gen. Nakar envisions better quality of life for all its residents in progressive, self-reliant, integrated and resilient communities within the carrying capacity (sustainably managed) of environment achieved through the joint efforts of enlightened, responsive, empowered and responsible leaders and townspeople.
To promote the general well-being of all sectors, to achieve equitable distribution of resources, enhanced delivery of services and to ecologically balanced environment through active peoples’ participation, support
the municipality rugged and mountainous terrain is suitable for trekking, hiking and other related activities aside from its extensive coastline.
It is relatively rich in different flora and fauna.
Upon petition of the people headed by Forester Julian A. Avellano, with the help of the late Congressman Fortunato Suarez and the late Governor Gregorio Santayana, the Municipality of General Nakar, Quezon was created thru Executive Order No. 246 of His Excellency, the late President ElpidioQuirino dated July 21, 1949
The occupation of the people are farming and fishing.
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