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Book Commercial

No description

Nicole Spaeth

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Book Commercial


The Running Dream

Wendelin Van Draanen

Realistic Fiction

One-sentence summary:
High school track girl copes with a disability that threatens her greatest passion: running.

Average length (332 pages), but short, quick chapters. Writing is easy to read.

Book Profile
What topics can you find in this book?
Making new friends
High school
Overcoming obstacles
Best friends
Seeing past cliques/groups
Learning new things
Meaningful Quote
As a girl who likes sports and knows what it's like to eat, sleep and breathe my sport, I really connected with the main character in this book. Jessica, who loves running, has to deal with a pretty big obstacle that threatens to keep her on the sidelines. And for an athlete, that's devastating. I can't imagine having to give up the one thing that made me feel most alive.

Because the book is written from her perspective, it was interesting to watch Jessica's thoughts change from the beginning to the ending of the book. It really proves that your attitude can overcome even a physical disability. Overall, this book was inspiring and hopeful. It's a quick read worth your time!
The Running Dream
Book Commercial
Book Cover
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