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Ancient Egypt

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kim jiwon

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt



Starting Off (Introduction)
Hi! We're doing about Ancient Egypt. As all you guys know, Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization of Northeastern Africa. Ancient Egypt is famous for Cleopatra, Pyramids, The Sphinx and many other things. In here, we're going to talk about pyramids, The Sphinx, where was ancient Egypt, foods...... etc. more. But if you want you can read it on the board or, listen to our speech.

Where is Ancient Egypt?
Languages in Egypt
Pyramids and sphinx
This is the inside of a basic pyramid.
First, there is king's chamber. After the king's
chamber, there is the gallery of the king's and
queen's stuff. After that there is queen's chamber
then a passage and finally underground chamber.
The Sphinx is a human headed lion carved from a natural rock. But there is a weird thing in the sphinx. Did you realize that the sphinx has no nose? At first, the sphinx had it. But there was a time where there was war in Egypt. The archaeologists doesn't really know, but for their research, they said it was because of Napoleon's bomb's fault. Or, before in ancient times, they practiced the sphinx as the target for hunting. Then who gets to shoot their pin on the nose gets to be the best.
The Egypt gods
Do you know that in Egypt, there is more than 2000 gods? Most of them had an animal's head. They made all of these gods for their safety. Some of them are for no flood, plenty of food, and other things.
OK. Now, we'll ask you some questions. If you guess/answer it right, we'll give you a candy or chocolate!!
Ancient Egypt is located at Northeastern Africa. Ancient Egypt's civilization is famous for one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of world, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

1. Where was Ancient Egypt located?
2. What is the food that they eat usually? (Main food)
3. Why does the sphinx have no nose?
4. Name one of the chamber in the Pyramid.
5. Retell one fact from slide 'Things You Probably Didn't Know'.
6. Tell us 1 reason why the Nile River is very important to Egyptians.

BONUS: Name 2 gods' name and tell what
that god is in charge of.
Even though, Egypt is a hot and dry place, people still had food to eat. But it was really hard to plant and harvest food like crops. Wheat was used to make bread, but there were also ingredients added like flour, water and yeast. Both rich and poor citizens could eat it because it was the main food and was very important. They also ate meat but they ate different levels of meat depending on their social status. High class meat usually consisted of cow and sheep.
Thanks for listening!

Drinks were the most important of meals. Rich people usually drank wine but often it was beer. When somebody held a party, it was called a "House of Beer". The beer was homemade.
The place where usually Egyptians live is the desert. Right next to the desert, there is a river called The Nile. The Nile River is important to Egyptians because if there were no Nile river, they won't be able to grow crops, have drinking water, the desert will be really dried up.
So, do you know how much the Nile River is important to Egyptians???
The Nile
beer cup
Foods and Drinks in Egypt
Things You Probably Didn't Know
Listen to the following speech
Benu Bird
Egypt's Sacred
This is how they wrote letters in hieroglyphics. Usually, their letters are animals because they think that the animals are the true gods.
If you want, try writing your name with this.
Ancient Egyptians also invented two other types of scripts: hieratic and demotic.
How they made Pyramids

Demotic Script
A story about how king tut became a king
At first, when The Sphinx was made, it was buried in a ground for a long time.Then, one day, the king Tut slept beside where he was buried. That day, he dreamed a weird dream. It was the Sphinx saying to him, "If you take all the dirt out of here and bring me on the ground, I'll make you as a king." And after that day, he did what sphinx said and he became the king.
1. The pyramids were not built by slaves. After they died, they were buried in a special place.
2. Egyptians loved board games.
3. High-class Egyptians were USUALLY overweight.
4. Both men and woman wore makeups.
5. Egyptian's believed that earth was flat and round.
6. A Pharaoh never let his hair been seen.
7. When a person died, their brain was removed.
8. The Sphinx is the most biggest monolith statue in the world.
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