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Child Soilders in uganda

Child soilders in uganda. children are being used as silders by uganda's goverment

Brody Weed-Smtih

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Child Soilders in uganda

Child soilder's The youngest of child
soilders are about 7 years old. Children grow up
losing their
imagination, and their
fragile childhood Children are dying
or getting brutally injured at a young age. over
50 countries
currently recruit child soilder. in Uganda are not okay.
because children are sometimes forced
to kill their parents and lose
their imagination, they also die
at a young age, and it takes up
extra money for extra guns F.Y.I (child soilders
aren't really this happy)
Both boys and girls
become child soilders my solution past the bible had
child soilders. besides adults can't
admit that
were better fighter other Causes It starts at the root
of every war. At the
root of every conflict. they
have to grow up knowing they
killed their own parents. Quotes - mickey a child soilder. when the sun sets
we start to worry.
an acount of life in
uganda- lillian 12 Solutions tried by others. Boycott- not purchasing
or playing any violent
video games. Source SOURCE PAGE 1.http://www.masaisrael.org/Masa/English/Participants/Gulu+Wal








9.http://child-soldiers.gemzies.com/show/entry_13697/Child_Soldier_Quote.html- mickey


11.http://filipspagnoli.wordpress.com/stats-on-human-rights/statistics-on-war-conflict/statistics-on-child-soldiers/ Sponsored by
the Brody is
Fondation. Just kidding Efforts are aiming at
an international law to
solve the problem.
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