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Neonatal Nursing

No description

latasha street

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal Nursing Level 1 what does a neonatal nurse do? Level 2 Baby in a incubator Level 3 A healthy baby Premature baby Usually a healthy newborn but thats largely nonexistent now Neonatal refers to the 28 days of life. A neonatal nurse either
works at level 1 level 2 or level 3 of a nursery.These nurses work with a variety of infants with problems ranging from
prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiamalformation, and
surgical problems. Is an intermediate care or special care nursery where the
baby may be born prematurely or may suffering from an
illness these babies may need supplemental oxygen,intravenous
therapy, specialized feedings or more time to mature before discharge The neonatal intensive care unit admits neonates who cannot
be treated in either of the other two nursery levels these babies
may be small for their age,premature or sick term infants who
require high technology care such as ventalators, special equipment or incubators , or surgery. The level 3 units may be a large general hospital or part of a childrens hospital Neonatal
nurses provide the direct patient care to these infants because mothers and babies have a very short hospital stay these days and often share the same room. How to become a neonatal nurse After graduating from college with an associates or bachelors degree students have to take the state licensing exam to become an RN there is no special program for neonatal nursing in basic RN education some nursing programs have an elective course in neonatal nursing. TSU Transfer with associate degree
9 quarter or 6 semester hours of english comp c or better
12 quarter or 9 semester hours of humanities (to include at least 6 quarters or semester hours of literature)
9 quarter or 6 semester hours of american or tn history
12 quarter hours or 8 hours of semester of natural/physical sciences with labs
6 quarters or 3 semester hours of mathematics
9 quarter or 6 semester hours of social and behavioral sciences
6 quarter or 3 semester hours of oral communication Salary Low level neonatal nurse with experience less than one year average salary range from 49,000 to 69,000

Middle level neonatal nurse nurse working experience from 1 to 5 years 69,000 to 81,000

High level neonatal nurse 6-19 years of experience expected to earn 85,000 to 117,000 annually References alnursing.com/neonatal-nurse-salary
www.tnstate.edu ME After i graduate from southwest with my Associates degree i plan on going to TSU to get my bachelors degree in nursing. Then i'm going to take the licensing exam to become an RN and join the medical field an being a neonatal nurse. I plan on moving to Mississippi to stay because neonatal nurse make more money there. My hospital of choice would be Basptist Memorial Hospital Desoto.
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